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  1. Can anyone knows if i have a data cable from a mobile phone let's say Nokia CA-42 or Siemens C35 with usb conector for PC (not serial) i need a alimentation power to the othe side of the cable besides the RX and TX cables that are conected to the HDD? I saw that others have used alimentation from sata for a cable that have serial port conector for PC... If i have a usb conector, did the usb provide that alimentation for the circuit board of the cable and is not necessary a power from sata? Thanks in advance.
  2. I tried with that cable (Ca-42) from the previous post and i dont get any answer in the Hyper Terminal connection.I have used the green and white cables fron the CA-42 data cable...according to this link Does someone knows wich can be the cause?I have pressed CTRL+Z in the hyperterminal connection but nothing appears there... Thanks in advance.
  3. Need help!!! I have this cable CA-42 but i dont know wich wires are the TX and RX... Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm from Romania and i can't find the RS323 to TTL/CMOS adapter here to buy.Is another device that can replace the RS323 to TTL/CMOS adapter (like mobilephones cables or pc adapters) in that circuit to unbrick my seagate hard drive? It have the problem to not be recognized by the bios. If you have any solutions, can someone help me with some images with other adapter that would work and how to put them in that circuit. I'm not an expert in electronics . Thanks in advance.