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  1. Good news ! I successfully fixed my seagate barracuda ST3500320AS 500 GB ! my bios can now see it and I have successfully backed up all my data into DVDs. Thanks to everyone here. I followed Gradius2's instructions minus the optional Glist commands and the power down and power up. I actually forgot to do the power up and down instruction because I got too excited typing the commands, I went oh no I forgot that step but somehow it still worked ! btw I got my torx T6 screwdriver from my office mate, he was nice enough to lend it to me anyways if anybody needs any help in fixing their seagate drive, and you are in the lower mainland vancouver, I can probably fix it for you (I dont have a torx T6 screw driver though so you need lend me one of those). now a quick question. should I update the firmware ? I heard that some people even after updating their firmware that they get the BSY error still ? I am worried that if I update and I get the BSY error I wont be able to fix the hard drive anymore ? maybe I should leave it as is so that I can fix it again if it BSY error again
  2. Hello, I finally found a DKU-5 cable from craigslist, I got it from this dude for $10. I installed the DKU-5 drivers from the CD and then I connected the DKU-5 to my usb port and my computer detected the new hardware and proceeded to install the drivers. I then checked hyperterminal to see what com port was added (com1 was there before) and I saw that com3 was added when I plug in DKU-5 cable. Stripping the DKU-5 cable It comes with 6 wires. outside exposed wire (unused), then inside wrapped in silver foil are red (TTL +), black (TTL -), yellow (unused), blue (rx) and white (tx). (using the DKU-5 pinouts from http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/U...RM9_Linkstation I used a continuity tester to determine which color wire is which on the pins on the phone plug end) I connected the red and black to 2 AA batteries and shorted the blue and white wire and then I connected DKU-5 to the usb port. I then started hyperterminal connected to com3 and started typing on the keyboard. I saw that what I type in was showing on the screen. I then disconnected blue and white and typed something just to check, and viola no text shows up on hyperterminal. A friend of mine gave me his spare CD/DVD drive audio cables and I removed the plastic casing on the end to extract the small crimped female jumper metal thingy which is already connected to a wire which would be perfect for connecting to the rx/tx pins of the hard drive. Now I am stuck because I cant find any torx screw driver size 6. sigh so close.
  3. I will try to get the "jumper cables" from The Source (used to be radio shack) Not sure if that is the correct term for that connector. I googled some connectors the closest I can find is a D-Sub Jumper Wire, Female to Female (http://www.jaykang.com/djuwifetofe.html) not sure if that is the same. I will try The source and hopefully they will have it. unfortunately I dont have spare motherboard or video fan cables and I dont have a soldering kit nor am I skilled to solder something that small. keep my fingers crosss that The Source has the jumper cables
  4. Hi, Greetings from Vancouver BC Canada, My 500 GB seagate 7200.11 harrddrive also suddenly cannot be detected by the bios. Good thing I found this forum. I am planning to get the DKU-5 or CA-45 cables. My question is those pins at the back of the hardrive is sooo small ! how did everyone connect the wire to there ? I dont have any soldering equipment and I am a newbie to electronics. I can strip wires and connect two wires together and put electric tape around it but thats the most I have done and not at this small scale. Can anyone tell/show me how do I connect the wires from my usb data cable to the HD pins ? Or can I find something at "Circuit city/the source" to connect to the hd pin ? thanks, Elman