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  1. Hey, I got it fixed! My solution: triple bag it and freeze it for 2 days. Then the spin-up worked again. Actually, I think I may have forgotten to connect the middle screw (the one above the motor connection) in my first attempt, dunno if that affected it. Also, the format stage didn't take 15-30 seconds, for me it took 8 minutes!!!!! The first time after 5 minutes I gave up and reset. I get the feeling the drive is much more resilient than the disclaimer on page 1 makes it seems. I messed up capital letters, aborted partway through several times, and it worked in the end. In any case, thanks so much for all the guides and helpful replies. My connection was pretty ghetto. I eventually went with the USB-TTL-232R from makershed (yes, $20, I splurged but hey). I didn't want to order jumper cables, so I stripped the wires to about a millimeter of actual wire sticking out, and carefully jammed them on the drive's pins, lol. Now to copy my data off and see how long it lasts, that clicking didn't sound good! Oh, I'm in Hamilton, ON, Canada if anyone needs this done.
  2. Argh, I got to the powerdown stage, took out my card, tried to power up, and got this nasty clicking sound: R_MIC_090319-223107.wav and no further response from the drive. any ideas?
  3. Will this work? http://cgi.ebay.ca/USB-to-1.8~5V-TTL-Seria...2QQcmdZViewItem It's shipping from about an hour from where I live, so this would be ideal. Thanks.
  4. I have two questions. 1) "Now the tricky part. Pratice a lot without any power before even trying this. You need to make sure that the screws don't touch the PCB board where they aren't suppose to or you will fry your PCB board. If you have been practicing and the power is not connected, start at STEP ONE." If the screws are so tricky, can't the board be reconnected without the screws? Doesn't it push into place? Does it not work until you tighten the screws? 2) I only have an external eSata enclosure (http://www.futurelooks.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/vantec_nexstar_hd_dock-9.jpg), I can still do this right? I just test it with the enclosure when finished. thanks. [EDIT] from reading the thread I see both my questions answered - 1) I see people have refined the initial front-page post by taking only three screws out and using card paper to break the connection. For 2) the adapter won't help with power, and even if it did some people report issues with power from adapters, but it should work for testing the drive after (I think?)