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  1. True, but I figured that with all the experts here there's a pretty good chance someone will know something and could maybe make some recommendations. I certainly know what my *requirements* are, I just need to see which solutions end up meeting the majority of those requirements. Jason Hi, Although this still not possible on Dell, but both IBM & HP offer automatic fail over when booting from SAN for their blades. IBM offer Open Fabric Manager & HP offer Virtual Connect so if some one hit this post and looking for automatic failover with boot from SAN you might need to head to HP or IBM upon your preference. A good comparison between the two is also availabe at IBM Blades vs HP Blades Hope this will help some one.
  2. Hi, I believe it might be a DNS issue. Make sure your windows DNS is pointing to your Domain controller DNS not to your ISP. This is a mistake that most people fall for. This still valid even for Windows 2008 & I thought I will update this post with the answer although its an old one as people still hit it.

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