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  1. Thank you very much! Problem was the molex-adapter. I didn't even think of that possibility. Also be sure do not use any adapter to power the hard drive. I also had garbage characters when I used an adapter molex-sata. It's better use directly the sata power connector of the power supply.
  2. Could anybody tell me what's wrong? I have a BSY error problem with my Seagate HDD. I've done everything according to the instructions, but I only get obscure symbols in Terminal. I've tried several HDDs (including some working 7200.11 drives), but I a mess of symbols on the screen or nothing at all. I've tried the TX-RX connectors both ways and I am feeding the adapter 3,7V. My Terminal-settings are 38400 / 8 / N / 1 / None. I used this kind of adapter: http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00090/3561442.jpg Terminal shows: http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00607/3561364.jpg

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