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  1. Hi, I got it working! Hardest part for me, by far, was getting the rx and tx wires connected to the PCB jumpers (1 none) (2 none) (3 rx) (4 tx). Too much temperate can f*** the pcb i gues, so i didn't wanna solder it. I did it with a wires+connector I found in one of the networking cards, with a little knife job it mounted in ok. Second hardest was getting the mini torx 6 screwdriver (5 euros). It's not sold everywhere, but not very rare eighter. Third hardest was installing the CA-42 cable to vista (5 euros too), luckily it got driver mici-cd with it so it was easy. Reglar piece of paper folded 1 time did the insulation job fine in the upper connector. What I didn't do: 1) GND wire is not needed, i got same PSU in use in usb and hd-power 2) Tx and Rx wires are easy to spot in usb cable, just connect wires until typing comes 'thru' in hyperterminal (do not use local echo, echo must come from the wires). Then just guess the wires, if the prompt from the PCB is not achieved, switch the two wires (rx-tx). No need to open up plastics and stuff. What was important: 3) I didn't take the power cable off for 10 sec before the last and the most important m0,etc... command at 1st. Mistake. It took 70 min and i got no response. I tought my drive was f***ed as Gradius puts it in his #1 article . But no. I just re did it WITH poweroff before the last command, success. I thank you all contributors!
  2. Hi, I got says 500gb st3500320AS firmware SD15 (Thailand). Date code 08382 bought July -07. It got bricked with BSY error (i guess) in the end of january. I got ca-42 cable (not original, this says ca-42 WT048000317) , it's recognized ok by vista. Device manager "PORTS" displays "Prolific usb-to-serial comm port (com6)", I set it to recommended 38400, 8, None, 1, None. I start Hyperterminal and set it to COM6 and 38400, 8, None, 1, None. The problem: When i connect the green and red wire, rx and tx as i recon, it SOMETIMES return the typing ok, many times not at all or many chars are missing. When i connect the blue (gnd i guess) with green, my typing will produce garbage letters, but again often nothing comes out. If I don't type at all, no garbage is produced on screen. FAULTY ca-42 produces this erratic behaviour? Because of this I don't dare to begin the unbricking process, it would seem typing those commands and getting the feedback from the brick wouldn't be reliable, because one should expect this rx-tx binding (loop) should produce flawless results on hyperterminal screen. Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it? The Pin order i concluded from the following, i didn't want to open the cable USB case. green - blue 1.15volts red - blue 1.0v blue - black 4.1v white - no action what so ever other wires connected (gree - red eg.) 0volts I've already spend hours examining this problem, then I wonder why the hell I'm doing this crap, isn't this something seagate should fix ASAP. It's been 1½ months now, after 2 messages they produce these typical meaningless corporate jargon replies without any solutions. Some heads should fall there quite literary. I'd like to get foremost these questions answered: To where and how do I mail this piece of hd to get it back working? How fast SEAGATE will unbrick it? How nothing it's gonna cost me?