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  1. Using Windows 10 on a certain machine where I work when I go to the icon to eject the drive it is greyed out. It is also greyed out for USB thumb drives but I can right click and choose eject on the drive under “Computer” for those I have checked and the drive is set for quick removal. I can remove them on other Windows 10 PC’s I own but not this particular one. Thanks
  2. thumbs.db and backup

    gpedit.msc didn't work on my windows as I only have Home Premium and need Professional or higher. But I found a registry file for Windows 7 on how to disable thumbs.db, I think it is working.. If anyone needs it, add this to a .reg file - Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "NoThumbnailCache"=dword:00000001
  3. thumbs.db and backup

    Hi I have a lot of photos on my laptops hard drive that I regulary back up to an external 2.5 portable drive. I check the file sizes in properties of each to make sure that both are the same, with the same amount of files etc. However it always includes thumbs.db (with show hidden files off), so I delete them all but its getting annoying. I read I can turn off thumbs.db with gpedit.msc but I can't seem to find it on my laptop (win 7 home premium x64). Or is there a better way/program I can use to make backing up of photos more easy? Thanks
  4. Win 7 Pro .wim

    OK I'll run that imagex /info to see what I have. I think I know what I was doing wrong though, I was using my Home Premium retail disc to install and I wasn't paying enough attention when I was installing so it installed Home Premium (duh!) then I was trying to make a professional image out of that. ei.cfg was still set to home premium and retail, so I'll try changing it or not using it.
  5. Win 7 Pro .wim

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I'm sure I tried that, but perhaps I haven't! I downloaded a frontend program for autounattend.xml for windows 7 and one of the options was Business so I thought it was still the same in Windows 7. Theres no documentation of the Windows 7 imagex flags on microsofts site, but there is with Windows Vista. Thanks I'll try it later and hope I don't make another coaster!
  6. Hi I'm trying to create a reverse integration windows 7 professional disc with SP1, ie9 and .net 4. I have 2 retail versions of windows 7 home premium. I am using this disc to install and then ctrl+ shift + f3, install the updates, run dism, reset to system oobe, I use : imagex /compress maximum /flags BUSINESS /capture E:\ “C:\Win7\SP1\sources\install.wim” “Professional x64 SP1” I made a mistake in using my normal /flags HomePremium on the first disc. I create a .iso with oscdimg, burn it, it works fine and boots into the windows setup program, but then says I have no image to install. I thought the problem could have been in Autounattend.xml as I still had : <cpi:offlineImage cpi:source="wim:/sources/install.wim#Windows 7 Home Premium" xmlns:cpi="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:cpi" /> but I changed it to Professional but made no difference (isn't it just an internal label?) (does it need to be Professional x64 SP1? as thats what I wrote in imagex) I just remembered my laptop did come with a professional disc so I could use that, but I'm curious as to why it doesn't work with a home premium disc, it should contain every version of windows 7 shouldn't it? Regards Mike
  7. Mobo dead after flash

    Hi I have a "review" (prototype type board) that I bought on eBay (which shouldn't have been sold!), I didn't know it at the time until the manufacturer told me. Anyway I wanted to update the bios so I went to the MSI webpage, its a P55a-G55. I download the latest bios, 1.4 and tried to update it in the BIOS but it wouldn't let me do it (I have a cpu problem that freezes the pc sometimes) so I downloaded Afuwin64 and flashed it, it did warn me and say that it should add a paramater so I let it add it, then when I restarted it went into BIOS recovery mode, so it read from the flash drive Bios 1.4 and flashed it again I presume (it seems to do it rather quick). Then it didn't start up at all. I tried going to the Recovery mode again (Ctrl+Home) and tried all the BIOS's from 1.0 to 1.4, also tried renaming to AMIBIOS.ROM and AMIBOOT.ROM but it justs says no file found. It will only flash the 1.4 bios filename (A7668IMS.140) so I renamed previous BIOS's to the same filename but it still won't start. I did try to backup the previous BIOS from within the bios but it froze the computer again, but it did write to my flashdrive, however the BIOS was only 2MB when all the BIOS's downloaded from the MSI site are 4MB so either it didn't fully write properly or the board is using some sort of pre-retail beta bios. But I deleted it as I thought it was unrepairable and can't seem to find it with undelete. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Computer restarts at starting Windows 7

    Hi Yeah I tried lowering the multiplier but it didn't work
  9. Computer restarts at starting Windows 7

    I found out that if I set "Active Processor Cores" to 2 then it will boot up and works fine, except only 2 cores and 4 threads obviously. Nothing seems to work with the setting on "All". I think the CPU is slightly damaged.
  10. Computer restarts at starting Windows 7

    Yeah, I decided to take it out and clean all the paste off, gave all the contacts a clean, put some new paste on, tightened the backplate screws and put on the heatsink and fan, but it was still the same. Memtest has been running lately, although sometimes when I press escape to quit it freezes at "halting". Memtest still is the only thing that will run though, I tried ubuntu x86 and x64, dban (uses linux) and the windows 7 disc. As soon as the animation starts on the Windows 7 "starting windows" screen it resets,
  11. Computer restarts at starting Windows 7

    Hi I have tried that but it still just restarts as soon as starting windows comes up.
  12. Hi I have a problem with my PC. Its a core i7 860, 4GB 1600mhz DDR3. I have two p55 boards, one a p55a-g55 (msi) and one a asrock p55 pro, also two sets of memory a Gskill 4GB kit and a Cosair 8GB kit. The problem is as soon as it gets to starting windows (win 7) the animation starts then half a second later it will either freeze (rarely) or restart it self. I can get into the BIOS. I can sometimes run memtest, but sometimes not. I can never load from the windows startup disk to reinstall, It shows the grey bar twice (it goes quick, then next one takes a while longer) then it restarts. It also freezes if I try and update the bios using the inbuilt program in the bios. I have tried Every setting nearly on 2 motherboards 2 graphics cards that I know to work 2 psu's that I know to work 2 sets of memory that I know to work (both memtest fine and prime95 blend fine, though I had a bit of trouble at one time with the 4GB on a different board, but I think I had some wrong bios settings) Every option under safe mode 2 linux ubuntu dvds, which just restart too I think its something to do with the CPU now. The board is getting enough power the 24pin and CPU power are fully plugged in. I'm setting the memory to 1600mhz, using XMP profile. I've gave the cpu and memory more volts up to the safety limits. I have tried at 1333mhz (spd) and still the same. I guess the only thing I can do is buy another CPU to test it unless someone knows something! Thanks
  13. I recently made up a new computer and decided to go for a WD Black SATA 3 7200RPM 1TB 64MB cache, I used to use the Samsung F3 (SATA 2, 7200RPM 1TB 32MB cache) I have been a bit disapointed with the results My new hard drive is : Maximum : 132mb Average 104mb Access time : 12.3 Burst : 208mb My old samsung is : Maximum : 143mb Average : 115mb Access time : 13.8 Burst : 158mb Which one would you consider better? The WD is about £25 more than the samsung too, so considering sending it back and getting another samsung. I'm also looking towards getting a SSD, particulary the Agility 3 60GB, since I have a z68 motherboard that can speed up hard drives too? I've never used a SSD before, its quite a lot of money, are they worth it? Or should I forget a SSD and get 2 samsungs for raid 0?
  14. Dual Windows 7 Partitions

    Hi This is probably a simple question, but I have Win 7 Retail on a fast 1TB HD, I also have a average 500GB HD not doing anything. I'm wondering if its possible to install Windows 7 on the 500GB disk too, so I have two installs on two different disks on one computer? Would I run into activation problems? I want to keep my 64bit Win 7 install on the 1TB for games, fraps and a few other things and have another install on the 500GB for testing software/trying out linux (500gb probably in 2 partitions) Could I put 32bit Win 7 on the 500GB drive? I do have 2 copies of Win 7 retail but want to only use one really, if I can't, I do have Win XP OEM I could use. Is there any trouble getting a bootloader to recognise two different hard disks? I have lots of spare sata ports. Thanks
  15. Doom 3 widescreen problem

    Ah finally figured it out, I started a game of quake 4 and noticed the lighting and textures messed up, I googled it and found something about ati and quake 4 rendering issues, I tried 3 settings and the last one worked seta r_renderer ARB2 Now its letting choose 1920x1080 and keeps it. Worked for Doom 3 too but can't put AA on, as it resets autoexec config. UI and text isn't as good as a normal 1920x1080 resolution but ok.