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  1. WolfDie and mrkimrkonja What power supply are you using? i use SATA power cable for the disk from PC's power supply and 3V CR2032 batery for the TTL-RS232 adapter I duobt is it power problems, the disk probubly has more bugs then other disks the disk makes same noises every time I power it up, nomater is it by software (hyperterm) or hardware by normal PC power up it spins up and than makes 10-11 head movment before it stops and spins down the other 3 segates 500GB make normal starup noises: spin up and short head movment listen to the sound in attachmenet Sound_clip_19v.mp3
  2. i have the same problem on busy fix: F3 T>/2 F3 2>Z Spin Down Complete Elapsed Time 0.155 msecs F3 2>U Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008 Spin Error Elapsed Time 21.652 secs R/W Status 2 R/W Error 84150180 i have also tried the LBA0 solution The disk is recognized by bios with 0MB but after 5-6min i makes abnormal head cliking noises several times when conected to power and then spins the motor down firmware upgrade ISO cant find the drive i have 3 other ST3500320AS with SD15 and they are all successfully updated to SD1A they where all 4 part of RAID0 array please HELP!

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