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  1. I got this fixed. Thank you for this guide! To some this is obvious, but since the pictures did not include the battery in the holder I initially thought the battery supply to the interface chip was optional. It is not, of course. It may be useful to others to change these pictures. I switched to another computer to resolve the gibberish, and got the "arrow" problem. To fix that I found that you MUST connect a third wire to the ground on the power supply to the HD next to the two data leads. This was fairly easy with my setup (3v from two AA bats). I cannot believe this worked with such a ghetto setup, and it took me all day and the stress no doubt took several years off my life. Also, the BSY guide is incorrect: "Wait 5sec and remove the paper card, this will connect the PCB to HDA (spin motor), but since is in Spin Down state (from cmd), you'll feel nothing. Now screw just enough to make a good contact between PCB and HDA (be real careful here, don't drop the screw, just be calm, relax!). Then press CTRL+Z again: F3 2>U Spin Up Complete Elapsed Time 7.457 secs (if you get this msg you did everything fine until here) F3 2>/1" This is incorrect. DO NOT PRESS CTRL-Z AGAIN after removing the paper card.
  2. I have a hard drive exhibiting signs of the BSY error. When I connect my interface to the drive I get: (see attached) Any ideas? Thank you.

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