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  1. I am very sorry but we are unable to help you. Retail versions of windows 7 comes in x86 and x64 disks not combined disks. What you have is a warez disk and needs to be thrown away. I agree with you, I don't trust this disk as I believe Microsoft won't put the two architectures on the same disk.
  2. Hi I got a windows DVD that has both the x32 and the x64 together. Is there anyway to get the 64 bit edition only?. The 2 editions are mixed together in a way that doesn't make it easy for anyone to separate between the two
  3. So that means I have to quit the idea of integrating drivers? This is fine with me as long as it is going to be a functional installation. Just waiting anyway till I have a better version with vlite or something of that nature and I'm back to windows XP for now.
  4. Hi I integrated a lot of drivers into my custom Windows 7 (32bit) and most of these drivers are not signed of course and before burning my iso file, I went a head and tested my iso using vmware and the installation was great till the very last moments except that I wasn't able to get to my desktop because of a stupid message: that shows up for ever, apparently even after dismissing it by choosing "install this driver software anyway" so many times and after I was bored with this situation, I gave up and decided that my iso is bad and I'm going to create another one but before doing a new one I have a question: Is it possible for vlite to accept whatever drivers I integrate and have this message suppressed or what should I do to evade that message which is persistent no matter how many times I answered that yes go a head and install the driver and I do not care if it signed or not. The boring part is that this message shows again and again up after 2-3 minutes of choosing the second option which teased me a lot as I was never able to get to my desktop and use the OS as I gave up. Another a little off topic question: How vlite compares to this program "rt7lite" http://www.rt7lite.com/ ?
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