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  1. Hello I successfully managed to unbrick one ES.2 1 Tb and one 7200.11 750 Gb, using all the stuff found on this thread. I had to try several times , that wasn't a 5 minutes oparation ... I need to thank Gradius2 and aviko for their work (yes, both) and also my77stang for the nice summary he did at post 684. It turned out that for me the working solution was to isolate BOTH motor and head connectors.
  2. Hello I have 2 drives bricked : one 7200.11 and one ES.2 I tried to contact seagate for 10 days, and got anything but professional responses (I have a ton of seagates drives, those guys just don't want to keep their customers, one day they will pay for that). I've read all the stuff on that topic. The 2 solutions are nearly identical, but the differences are not only the ones you list : one isolates the heads, one the motor, and that is pretty much a difference. I just need a working solution, period. The aviko one, taking in account only the commands, seems to be less disruptive, but I really don't know which part should be isolated, motor or heads. It's impossible to get the truth between 2 people whose words to each other are insults and "you are all wrong". Why do they fight like that ? The only result of all this will be in people's mind : "DO NOT TRUST DATA RECOVERY COMPANIES, THEY'LL TRY TO FOOL YOU IN SAYING THAT THE COMPETITOR IS LYING".
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