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  1. Hi Aviko, my problem was to use gradius's description. I follwoed yours and now my drive is recognized by the BIOS. So it is proved, that this also works for HP OEM ST3500620AS. Boy, I'm so happy ... if you ever come to Germany to Ravensburg, near the lake of constance and the beautiful alps, I'll pay for all the beer you can drink !!!
  2. Hi, I tried to fix ST3500620AS with HP12 firmware (HP OEM), initially showing LED:000000CC FAddr:002493D1. All went fine but after the last step F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 nothing happens, even after 10 minutes. Drive is still not recognized by BIOS. I tried several times, the initial LED:000000CC FAddr:002493D1 does not show up anymore. So has anyone an idea ora link or ... Thanks!

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