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  1. You have the BUSY error. The other error (0 LBA) allows the BIOS to recognize the drive, but lists it as a 0 Gb HD. As I say, if I were you, I would prefer to use the phone cable method, since is easier. a generic DKU-5 worked for me perfectly, even in Vista 64. The RS-232 method is effective as well, but I just think the phone cable method is quicker. Your hopes should be high anyway, since both methods are highly effective. Cheers
  2. I did it with the board unscrew and is not that complicated. All you have to be is a little careful.
  3. Is the data ground connected to pin 2? Try this. I thought that it was not necessary when using the rs232-ttl converter, but I'll try. Thanks!!! No tienes un cable de Nokia a la mano?. Te digo porque yo lo hice con un DKU-5 y funcionó a la primera
  4. I'm glad to report that I was able to fix my ST3500320AS even in Vista 64. I tried first with a CA-42 that I pressume it was defective (the PC never saw it), but then I found an generic DKU-5 (chinese) that used a driver from Prolific, and they have one compatible with Vista 64. All data was intact. Thanks a lot! BTW, for those who expect a loopback from hyperterminal, I have to confess that I didn't have any response until I connected the PCB. Just then I got the "F3 T>" prompt.
  5. Well, I got an used CA-42 cable but it's not recognized by Vista or XP (using VM Ware). If I plug the cable, nothing happens. I have the drivers installed. I chopped off the connector and peeled the wires (by the way, this CA-42 has 5 wires, white, blue, red, yellow and black). The USB connector says "NOKIA Type: CA-42". Maybe this person sold me a defective cable, or a different one?. It didn't cost me almost nothing, fortunately, like 3 bucks.

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