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  1. Aviko is really specialist, has huge knowledge about all that we discuss here, much bigger than we can even think of. He helped me with very unusual problem (standard, known solutions haven't worked) of my seagate. I've got back all data from this drive, the most important all great pictures of my 1-year old son from his born to now. In opposite Gradius is as i could say "compiler" of others solutions, but he should credit all those solutions he used (as he did initially, but later removed credits). And i think Gradius should improve his text with good advices from aviko, so all readers/users will be safer with their 7200.11 adventure!
  2. Aviko, maybe you can help me? My ST3500320NS drive doesn't answer on the terminal when PCB is disconnected from the rest of disk. But when both parts are connected i can unlock terminal for about 1-2 seconds and again got LED:000000CC... Im very sad because i had huge collection of great photos of my 1-year old son only on that hd...

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