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  1. connect to terminal, dont take off pcb. ctrl+z then F,,22 then m0,6,2,0,0,0,0,22
  2. Here is what you can do: Tell whats Model, F/W ? Do you have connected terminal to pcb or pcb with hdd? What you do between send Z and U ? Describe everything. Screenshot doesnt tell much. As I think you did nothing after Z and before U.
  3. you can communicate with the drive via diagnostics ? the seagate iso ? Negative. My BIOS finds the drive intermitently - 1 in 5 reboots and always with LB0 - and when I tested the Firmware update disk made from the "MooseDT-SD1A-3D4D-16-32MB.ISO" it displays the current firmware as SD1A... so I'm assuming that the update went through at some point. He told me that he'd tried it several times! I still cannot make any kind of connection with the hard disk via TTL - despite following the instructions to the letter. I have tried 2 TTL Convertors and 1 Nokia Cable (3210) with the same negative results. The only on-screen response has been that arrow. (Not the '>' cursor) how about downgrade it to AD15 ? when you connect to terminal you have only pcb or disk with pcb ?
  4. It's a ST31000340AS Here is a photo of the drive. I'm also trying to do this on another computer now just to see if that makes a differance. Try this. Mount pcb back on drive. Just as in normal work. After power up drive you should got something on terminal (CC) then you will know that everything is connected properly. I have to go. Maybe my friend will guide you...
  5. Nope, don't think your an id***. Just trying to narrow down where the fault is at my end. Your helping out big time but the error is at this end since I get the same problem with both the good drive (500 gig) and the bad drive, the 1TB PCB. Ok so I switched the wires to the pins on the drive and now none of the lights come on. I'm at a loss and trying to review all the steps again and again. what is model and fw of that 1tb?
  6. Aviko, Ok, I'm making progress but I think I might have still one more issue. The Cable. Now the lights come on to the rs232ttl board since I hooked the third cable up to the ground. This did not happen before. When hook the rs232ttl to the serial port, the green tx light goes out. When I also hook the rs232ttl board up to the null modem cable I have, the light goes out. It still does not talk to the PCB. I did not hook up the main power supply from the computer yet as I wanted to make sure it would at least talk to the PCB. Any ideas? EDIT I also hooked this up to another 500 gig drive and still does not talk to the drive via terminal. heh, so change tx with rx. yellow is TX from adapter so need to be connected to RX whis is pin1, white ir RX to adapter so needs to be connected to pin 2 , then pin 3 is gnd. if it will not work i think i am I-D-I-O-T or you are doing something wrong. Maybe you have any Seagate drive older that 7200.11 ?
  7. I noticed that about recognizing only pcb by bios with 0lba issue. Im too lazy to search my posts and insert link to it. But finally I searched HERE i noticed this no you cant, firmware upgrade works on working drive. id applies to pcb and service area which is on platters. But I REALLY suggest NOT to upgrade firmware. In new terminal can be locked. If main reason to upgrade firmware was to prevent issues which this topic is all about. So what? If you already fixed it once, you will fix it again in future if its needed. When new firmware SD1A fails, you will be at point when all this rat race started. HEH First victim, and unfortunately not last. its in polish but all know how to use google translator. translated: I really considering start to play lotto or sth.
  8. So, this is just as simple as make a third wire from the ground on the RS232 Board where the power is connected and connect that third wire to the ground pin on the PCB. Thats It? That Simple? yep. noticed here confirmed here noticed here noone listen 15 bucks for this s***? LOL Hi end converter as in cheapest COM cables for siemens C25
  9. connect wire from pin 3 in terminal socket to gnd of rs232ttl board. next time read carefully what i suggest. I'm wonder when Gradius will fix his tutorial and add this 3rd wire. come on guys this is so boring explaining it all time. noone listens if its not on 1st post
  10. F3 T3>/1 F3 1>N1 F3 1>/ F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 Max Wr Retries = 00, Max Rd Retries = 00, Max ECC T-Level = 00, Max Certify Rewrite Retries = 0000 User Partition Format 5% complete, Zone 00, Pass 00, LBA 00008DED, ErrCode 00000080, Elapsed Time 0 mins 05 secs User Partition Format Successful - Elapsed Time 0 mins 05 secs F3 T> (finished, power off, connect disk to pc and check your data) when, finally, my HD will communicate with HyTerm I think I will follow the instruction above... but is all that sequence does with something between pcb and hda? Overlooked this step, I thought it was obvious. You need to remove isolation before spin up. (U command)
  11. 2 months ago I had a lot work I havent time for anything else. (Edit due to violation of the arrangements in the contract of employment)
  12. http://pinouts.ru/CellularPhones-Nokia/nok...10_pinout.shtml
  13. I really want to hear (or read) what is wrong in version which I suggest. Everyone who asked me got answer based on my knowledge as best as I could. All i wanted was information about real author who published these commands. Yura (also known as Okzo) worked really hard for last months to find out how to solve problem with that black series of seagate. All people who succesfully fixed own disks used commands which he publish. Of course there are commercial solutions which was developed and you can buy it or go to someone who buyed it. They worked independly and noone (as I know) grab solution from another. I am really sad because all that happened here. So much prosecution by one guy to another. Yura decided to publish these command with his own motives. I dont want to judge him is that good or not. Personally, as I work in DR company, I have much less cases with these disk after solution was published. Solution spreaded in internet and now everyone who search enough can find it and try to solve his problem. I tryed to aware you there are sifnificant errors in solution which Gradius copied and pasted here. I dont want to judge him too. He posted (or pasted) here this tutorial. Good for him. Many people could read it and fix bricked drive. He did much work too, but when someone quote another person it is nice (and should) to inform about source. Initialy he did it, but someday removed this info. Then many people who knows truth (including me) decided to something. It was not fair to pretend as author this tutorial. He compiled it and give in pill. But this pill should be good at least as in source was good. It wasnt, I tryed to change it but anything that I tryed to say was challenged by him that his tutorial is best and the only. Well if anyone who tryed "his" tutorial didnt get good results can try to contact me by instant messenger, Im using few it should be enough, all is in my profile. Thank you for reading my post to the end because I think it is my last one here. Good luck with your data. As few posts appear while i write this text I will give you all last advice. Isolating motor contacts prevents opening terminal in ES.2 and as I see new all versions of firmware rest of drives based on F3 architecture. See ya!

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