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  1. vLite + WinSP1

    Is it possible to install EscrowSP1 for Windows 7 on vLited system? I tried to install manually windows6.1-KB976902-X64 and windows6.1-KB976932-X64 but have error "some packages are broken". If try to install full version of Win7, install SP1 and capture by imagex in *.wim then on the next install from the new disk we get error "Windows could not display the images available for installation" and WAIK not see any packages but some updates in this wim (dism /get-packages)
  2. Finally did it, the problem was definately the cable think I got a dodgy one off who sold it to me, but just decided to do it without any responses... So now the HD boots to windows I copied over most of the files to another drive, but from one partition the files will not copy over at all, it says that the drive is not readable... any ideas? I upgraded firmware to mx1a so hopefully wont happen again.... Buying a couple of WD Blacks in a couple of weeks time... So big thank you to those who contributed to this solution.... It does work, just for how long is the question ?
  3. Thanks for your tips... Just an update... I checked the connections and all seems fine but still no responses... So I just continued with the commands and I managed to do the procedure, with the glist clear and now in BIOS it recognises HD but as 0GB ... does this mean that I have to follow the 0LBA procedure? Also now the HypTerm says unable to open com3 I don't understand why not? If I do a loopback, it works.
  4. Hello, I woke up yesterday to find that when I powered up the screen hung blank restarted about 5 times and it would not boot to windows just hang at a blank screen. I went into BIOS and found that the drive was not even recognized. Did some googling and found a thread on seagate forums that directed me here. So i went out in the afternoon bought a USB data cable with a pl303 inside it and a torx screwdriver, built my cable plugged it in to the HD and powered up the HD from a separate PSU. The first time I tried communicating through HypTerm I got junk info, powered down tried again, now I was getting prompts as stated in the guide but I was not getting any feedback from HD, for instance I typed Z at prompt and the drive did spin down however it didn't give me a report / summary on how long it took. I did get the prompts as expected however ie changing to level 2 etc. so I got to the part when you have to power down and back up before putting in the main command, but when I powered the drive back up and HypTerm froze after I typed ctrl+Z... I waited 40 mins for something but it was frozen. decide to sleep on it , was 4:30 am... So I try again today and now I get the first prompt as expected but when I tell it to spin down nothing... and it gives me these random characters... 699928056969 .... not in one go, it would give me one number or a sequence in time intervals... I'm trying it again now, but if anyone has had similar troubles can you please let me know how you solved it.... The main thing that mystifies me is why I'm not getting any feed back from HD, and these random characters. Also I should mention that I have a 500GB Maxtor Diamond Max 22 Thanks.
  5. Windows 7 & vLite *DEPRECATED*

    2Jeronimo When i run your batch-file, i get error "only package owners can remove package" in dism.log for all packages except first four localpacks. In ~Program Files\Windows Sidebar and other folder all files owned by TrustedInstaller. How i can solve a problem? I know about *.reg file that added to menu "Grant Admin Full Control", but i don't know to which files i must use it (and i guess there are many files, which must be fixed, because amount of packages to delete is big too). There is other way to solve a problem? P.S. Sorry for my bad english.