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  1. I'd just like to give my greatest thanks to Gradius2, aviko, mikew, and everyone else that has been involved in creating this solution. Thanks to you guys, I've learned a lot about terminals, serial ports, hard drives, electronics and many other things, all with a brilliant payoff at the end - getting my data back. Let's just say I owe you all one. One other thing: aviko and Gradius2, you both seem to know what you're doing, as you've both proven with your helpful posts. The amazing success rate helps prove that the problem is solvable, but if I could ask of you one more thing - don't do as you have done in the past, and worked against each other. There is a common goal here, and all problems are better solved with cooperation than competition. I'm not saying Gradius2 didn't steal the information, but I'm not saying he did, either. The fact is, it is those commands that work. Who came up with them is not the important issue here - it is how they are used. In short, please, stop the fighting and work together. I understand you may have difficulty with this idea at first, but trust me, it will be for the common good if you two can put aside your differences and work together. Thank you all once again - except for $eagate, the makers of the problem in the first place.
  2. I have the same problem as Alexx86 the set up is right but I get nothing but the small arrow mark on hyper terminal. Any help would be greatly appreciated I have the same drive and firmware version Thanks try connect ground from your cable to pin 3 in terminal socket of disk. i think it finally solved Alexx86 problem. we did everything from scratch, step by step so hard to tell. I can tell you that adding a ground got my terminal working (finally)...
  3. I'll post these when I get home. If you shorted them, then you might fried the terminals. I should have been more specific - I shorted the TX and RX lines on the adapter I built - not on the drive.
  4. Both grounds are connected to the same point (see the schematic linked to on page 20). Power-cycling it is doing nothing.
  5. It appears the arrow is what is echoed when Ctrl-Z is pressed. I'm not getting anything from the drive... *swaps Tx and Rx* Nope, still nothing.
  6. tell me model of this drive, p/n, fw and date and site. answer following questions: did you set 38400n1 no flow control? how do you power drive? from external psu or from pc? did you connect rx, tx and GROUND signal? did you press ctrl+z after connect in terminal? your drive stays busy or detects in strange way eg: Model....................................................... ST_M13FQBL Serial number............................................... QNR_BFW Firmware.................................................... 1204F3C8 @edit: just 1 thing, if you have any other seagate drive you can check it but baud will be 9600n1 Baud rates are set at 38400 8 n 1 n. Drive is powered from separate PC, direct SATA connection with orange wire. Ground is connected on serial port end, not to drive. Ground is connected to floppy power, as is VCC. *facepalm* No, I didn't press Ctrl-Z... OK, just tried that, with it being connected either way, all I get is an arrow. The drive has the BSY error. I do not have any other Seagate drives. It is a 7200.11, 98X154-303 is the P/N. Date code is 09215, site KRATSG.
  7. OK, I've currently shorted my TX and RX lines, but no matter which way around I connect them to the drive, I get nothing in the terminal. They're only connected to the converter, so either it's not doing its job, and simply passing the signals through, or the hard drive isn't sending any signals. Any hints?
  8. OK, I've been trying to get this to work for a couple of days... can anyone take a look at my setup and tell me why it isn't working? I've been following this schematic: http://sodoityourself.com/max232-serial-level-converter/ Be warned - the images below are absolutely huge - no resolution changes were made. That is why only preview links have been included...

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