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  1. Anyway this is noessential problem, more a comfort one, also i will use this opportunity to gratitude my honestly respect, to all who are part of nlite ! but hope to see more progress with vlite, anyway you rule, never had this fast os (beside of linux if you get it up and running like it should)!
  2. yeah, but this site only refers to cd key and activation issues, do you really think there is more to it, like bluescreens etc? I WOULDNT PUT IT PAST LATEST OFFICIAL ATI DRIVER CORSING THIS ISSUE XD!
  3. now i get you, the last session from nlite cd... me=donkey "eahh" some of my selections are kind of counterproductive, i know... like uxtheme patch and no theme support LAST_SESSION.INI
  4. hello johnhc, thanks for the fast reply, i would like to attach my last session, but i can't locate it on my pc (Logging Service was cut out), also the debugging tool from microsoft will not function, because it complains that it is missing a service. If there is a nother way i can log my crash on windows startup, i would be thankful if you could give me a hint howto do that. Thanks, _oP
  5. exactly. enlighten me, Cmon this post is directed to people who can help me or had similar problems, dude! Please get your post counter competition satisfaction somewhere else, thanks Just was wondering if there is a service, which is needed for correct detection of the hardware connected to my grafic card ?
  6. Hello all, i have cut my windows XP Home Edition (x86) SP3 installation cd down to 110 MB, everything works great, games, sound, etc... only problem i have is, when i connect my projector to the dvi output of my graphic card before i power up my pc, i get a bluesreen. If i disconnect it before startup, everything loads with no problem. Now my question, what could cause this ... PS: i have tried the debugging tool from microsoft, but it seems i am missing a service to run it Thanks for all suggestions, _oP

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