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  1. That is just in the business forums. Here is one I found in the personal forums that says HP has just recently become aware of the problem and a FW update is coming. 1 Here is another, 2 See most people are still not aware of the FW problem and most do not know to post that it is the FW problem. So they just call HP and if it is in warranty, they get a new drive, never knowing there is a problem with the FW.
  2. Well, a couple of my post's have been deleted on Seagate calling in to question their FW being written for the wrong revision number of the drives (IE: written for 7200.11 that are actually 7200.9). After talking to Seagate support, I found out that even though the label on my drive says ST3500320AS (in 2 places) and 7200.11 on it. According to Seagate's computers, my serial number is for a ST3500641AS which after looking it up, is a 7200.9. Funny thing is, as far as I can tell all the problems are with the 7200.11, but if what I looked up about the ST3500641AS being a 7200.9. Why am I setting here with a bricked drive which went out just like the 7200.11? Then the question is how many drives are out there that are labeled wrong? Could it be all the ones with all the troubles?. So when I posted that maybe they should be looking in to if they where writing code for the wrong drives, they delete the posts. When ever I update any other FW, they always say make sure you have the right model # and revision # because if not, you may render it inoperable, which kind of sounds like the hard drives to me. But which is worse for Seagate, saying they have a bug in the FW or selling drives as one type when they are not that type? Could it have been a corporate decision to label the drives wrong or was it an accident, and when did they find out?
  3. I think the cover up is that they sold products as one thing ST3500320AS with 32MB buffer that turns out to be ST3500641AS with 16MB buffer. My label on the hard drive says ST3500320AS, but from Seagate support, the serial number from the same lable is for a ST3500641AS. I am wondering if they tried to make 32MB buffer drives out of drives with only 16MB buffer (kind of like over-clocking it?) in the FW, sell them as an improved drive (bigger buffer), and now it has come back to bite them?
  4. Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:(manufac. date):SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of User:fail reason/fine:OS:PSU 9QM6**** MODEL ST3500320AS P/N 98X154-335 FW SD15 MANUFA DATE 09085 SITE CODE KRATSG BOUGHT 12/27/08 FAILD 1/22/09 RETAIL USER jake36 USA REASON-Not found in BIOS OS-VISTA. Sad part is, bought on 12/27/08, but I did not install until 1/12/09 and it lasted 10 days. Was so busy with work, I never heard or seen anything about this until after it failed. Some of the symptoms I remember 1) Started taking longer to boot, a couple of days before fail. 2) Started taking longer to start programs, even though this was just a second drive used for storage not the OS. 3) Got some message about no disk in drive (I thought it was talking about the CD/DVD drive, as I was burning a DVD). Getting ready to run out and buy 2 new WD drives, just remembered HP came with a Seagate ST3500630AS in it, so before it dies will change it out and clone it. Just got of the phone with Seagate (their phones are back up), when I got the RMA number and all details, it put my drive down as a ST3500641AS, it states on the drive it is a ST3500320AS. The guy punched the SN in and it comes up as a ST3500641AS RK. So all the product numbers submmited so far may be wrong. So going by that, mine is actually a 7200.9 drive and not a 7200.11 as marked on the hard drive. I wonder how many people are going to get burned with "YOU RETURNED THE WRONG DRIVE".