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  1. Hi HappyBear, I am not an expert, but I had the same problem initially - no response. It seems, and Gradius2 explains this as well on the bottom of his page, that the wires have to be inverted. I inverted them and everything worked fine. The other problem I encountered was that the TTL board was not recognized by Windows. It seemed that the batteries were not strong enough. So I connected the adapter to the 5V output from the Power supply (red wire and black one). Good luck, Eddy
  2. Hi, Last weekend I received my TTL adapter (from eBay) and did some soldering. Than I followed the exact instruction of Gradius2 - thank you - and my Seagate came to life again! I went through the exact procedure as described by Gradius2. It required a bit of soldering, but everybody can do this. I am not an expert at all. I just took my time and patience. I followed the instructions step by step and my HDD came back to life! Once "unbricked", I transferred all the data to another drive - both two WD Caviar Blacks and put them in a RAID1 array, and than I upgraded the firmware following Seagate's instructions (see their website). Why did I buy Western Digital? Well I mailed Seagate support and they never took the time answering my mail. They know it is a known problem and they make nice promises on their website, but when it comes to fulfill their promises, well... . I'll keep my Seagate as a backup drive know, but I have more confidence in other brands. Not that I believe that Seagate makes bad drives, but their customer support s***s. Cheers, Eddy