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  1. Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Troubles

    I also have six 7200.11 drives and one went down a week ago to the BSY bug after about 5 months of use. I am waiting on a TTL adapter so that I can attempt to unbrick it, and the reports here seem very encouraging. I don't want to go through the hassle of RMAing the drive and waiting an eternity to get it back. I currently have all of the drives powered down until I can fix the affected one and make sure my RAID is still OK before I patch each individual drive's firmware. It's really frustrating how your drive can be perfectly fine one day and then *zap* the data is inaccessible. HDDs are not something I play around with -- I purchased an expensive high-end PSU and RAID controller just to help prevent random failure/data loss from occuring. Seagate really dropped the ball badly here and they darn well better have it fixed with the new firmware. I'm not totally convinced yet. Thank %deity% I went with RAID-6. Funny coincidence, though, that I lost a drive within a couple days of first reading about the issue. I also think it's a total crock that only 0.2% of all drives are affected. It's public relations damage control. If the root cause analysis on this forum is correct then its only a matter of time before EVERY drive prematurely fails. You are rolling the dice every single time you reboot, and I hit the mark only rebooting about once a week for five months. Most people power down every night. Seagate even recommends proactively patching firmwares, but NO ONE who isn't already "in the know" is going to even think about patching a HDD firmware until after their drive is already borked. It seems crazy that they'd ask someone like my grandmother to patch drive firmware on a drive that already contains sensitive data that (probably) isn't backed up. This whole issue is a timebomb and it's going to get much much worse as regular non-technical folks start losing all of their family photos and documents and then start flipping out and suing Seagate. This "free data recovery" is really going to put the hurt on Seagate as well. Repairing and patching all of these drives and attempting to copy data from them is a laborious process, I'm sure. We are only at the onset of the crapstorm -- I expect this to make mainstream headline news this year.