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  1. Hello, As to my opinion the RX en TX lines should be crossed, so RX alldav to TX seagate and TX alldav to RX seagate
  2. Many thanks to Gradius2 for his great job concerning the gathering of information about the solution of the Seagate disk problem and presenting it in a clear way. We did follow his setup with some minor differences. We did choose to use a simple hardware setup without an external power supply; by using an USB RS232 to TTL convertor. This (see photo) was found on Ebay and is build around the FT232BL chip. Using this convertor only 2 wires are sufficient between the disk and the convertor, because one can use the internal USB Power supply (by soldering on the convertor board). We also did not need ground connection. Of course you have to instal special software to force the USB to act as RS232 device, but no problems at all. See Visit Nbglin, for information about the drivers, download and installation. As we said we did follow the procedure of Gradius2, but the tricky part: remounting the PCB on the disk with power on, we did a little bit different. We mounted the PCB with all the screws (but 2) from the beginning, but did insert a plastic card between the PCB and the disk; so the contacts below the PCB were isolated. The mounting of the PCB in Phase 2 of Gradius2 procedure simple consists of removing the plastic card. After that you have to fasten the present screws and press on the PCB during the indicated commands. When the power is down later on you can add the 2 remaining screws. Hardware setup with USB Cable, convertor, 2 wires, torx 6 tool and disk
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