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  1. And the reason why in the FGA it is said that it won't work is BECAUSE IT WON'T WORK! If you really want to attempt a PCB swap , you need to ALSO swap the actual chip that holds the specific drive configuration, something that is not really "easy" or at a "normal" DIY level, desoldering and re-soldering tiny surface mounted components (without damaging/overheating them) needs some tools, but mostly experience and familiarity with the procedure that - no offence implied - you seem like simply missing at the moment. jaclaz Hello jaclaz, I know that it is not that easy, if you can tell me another thing to do, I will try it, but I at the moment I do not know what else I can do. From your answer I understand that every single HD PCB has its unique ROM, thats why I won't be able to find another one wich matches mine. Could you tell my if I am right? From ebay I have found PCB sellers that tells the same of the need of swapping the ROM. Thank all of you for you help. gtravel, I send you an MP some days ago. Check your inbox. PAPELETAS.
  2. First of all, sorry for my bad english. I have repaired my 7200.11 with a DKU-5 cable. I put a small paper on head contacts. Only one problem: CD driver's cable was empty. So I use a generic driver called Prolific. It works fine!!! DKU-5 comes with 3 cables: blue (GND), green (Rx) and white (Tx). The bricked drive was part of a Raid-0. After the reparation, I made the firmware's actualization (from SD15 to SD1A). After that, I mount Raid-0 again to save all datas on both drives. Happy New Year, PAPELETAS.