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  1. is it poss to use a 12 pin SonyEricsson K750i cell phone data cable. http://pinouts.ru/connector/12_pin_SonyEri...connector.shtml the pinouts are: Pin Signal Description 1 USB +5V in USB 5V supply - in K750 not used 2 SP_REF Reference 3 Mic+/AUXIN_L Microphone+ / AUX Input - left 4 Mic-/AUXIN_R Microphone- / AUX Input - right 5 DFMS/SP_L DFMS / headphone speaker - left 6 DTMS/SP_R DTMS / headphone speaker - right 7 VIDEO/STB Video / strobe 8 VPPFLASH Short to pin 9 for handsfree detection 9 GND Ground 10 CTMS / USB DATA+ CTMS / USB+ (data) - in K750 not used 11 CFMS / USB DATA- CFMS / USB- (data) - in K750 not used 12 Charge In Battery charging (+5V) - in K750 not used Used Shortcuts: * CTMS stands for Control To Mobile Station * CFMS stands for Control From Mobile Station * DTMS stands for Data To Mobile Station * DFMS stands for Data From Mobile Station Which pins should I use in this case - or just strip the wires and see whats there? Thanks Am i right in thinking that because the usb outputs 5volts i dont need a separate 3volt battery? or is 5 volts too high. This cable wont work, buy onother one that you know work. Everything you need is listed in this topic. Go for it
  2. My data is back, and all because of Aviko's help and patience. I really hope that the fully founder of this method for unbricking drives also get all the creds. Aviko definately knows what he is doing and I cant tell how grateful I am. Now spread this information of unbricking the disks so data wont be put in other hands.
  3. Turn off all, remove the PCB from HDA, power on, then try CTRL+Z. I've unscrewed all the torx and took aside the PCB and attached the tx,rx and then power, then pushed CTRL and Z..Still the same, i only get an arrow, I can type. What to do next?
  4. Hi again, Now i've tried the loopback test so my setup is correct. I dont get any response from the terminal, I dont get "F3 T>", but i can type.. I placed a paper card between the motor connector and the harddiskmainboard like in post #1, attached the tx and rx cables, opened hyperterminal, and then powered on the drive, and then pushed CTRL+Z... But i don't get anything? Anyone that can help me? Over msn maybe? I have a 3500320AS with SD15 firmwire. And i bought i RS232-TTL usb-converter.
  5. first of all, check terminal with shorting tx and rx together you should see what you type. i posted this information few times. and not only me. tell model f/w and p/nof your disk. do you have any older series of seagate disks? pcb from it is enough, if yes, connect it as in photo few pages ago and set terminal to 9600, then you will be 100% sure that everything is in place and working I have fw SD1A and the model is 3500320AS. Okey I will try shortcircuit RX and TX, why 9600, in the main post it says 38400?
  6. Hi again, I've just bought a ttl converter like this -> http://www.ftdichip.com/Documents/DataShee...232R3V3_v09.pdf But when i tried yesterday it didn't work. I dont get any terminal answer. I'm wondering if i need to connect the power to the pinouts also?? If someone knows how to do, please help me.. I've connected the TX to the orange and RX to the yellow cable, do i need to do anything more? Thanks
  7. Looking at the pictures I'm pretty sure DCU-65 is too short to have a transceiver inside... The cables that have been reported to work so far (DKU-5, CA-42, CA-45) have the USB side almost twice larger than the ones that don't. See? Greetings, ToKu. Yes I understand, will buy another tomorrow then hopefully i will get my data back!
  8. No I'm not sure, I just had one left and thought I could give it a try. If there is anybody out here knowing anything about unbricking with DCU-60 or 65 (SonyE computercables) please let me know, otherwise I will buy a real converter.
  9. Hi I don't get an answer from my terminal, i use a DCU-65 cable from my old cellphone, green conected to TX and white to RX. I first disconnect the pcb then attach the usb, open terminal, then i plugin the power. But i don't get any answer, but the computer seems to find something because it freezes after each try.. Any suggestions?
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