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  1. In the Victoria Tool: I've found a drop-down list that says Port (in PIO mode) with the options Primary, Secondary and Custon, when i choose primary it doesnt let me to select it, it would set itself again to Secondary, when i click secondary it would showthe next info in the "console" below: Select secondary PORT : BASE= 170H, ALTERNATIVE =376H, and when i click custom, it would show the busy button in green and like an infinite loop in two black boxes on the bottom right, attched pictures:
  2. Hi Fatlip thank you for the answer, how can i select my drive in the program? the victoria for windows is running, but i dont see any list with my drives, even the drive i'm runnin the O.S. in, I have set to PIO mode, it says port 170h There are just so many options!
  3. Im not sure wether this is the appropiate topic or not (i mean, the solution). I have a $eagate Barracuda ST3500320AS, (500 GB), that suddenly a morning when powering on my computer would be as not detected by the bios, the problem is that the same day this happened i had shortcircuit in my home that cause the computer to shut down, so initially i though the overvoltage might have damaged my hadr drive, but by doing some research over the internet, it seems that this might be due to the firmware issue. My drive is not being detected, but i can hear the plates spinning, i mean, ITS ALIVE, although i dont know if the interface is working or not, or its the firmware issue... I tried to contact Seagate but not reply so far... I live in the f***ing spain where theres not even Seagate support, so even in the unlikely event that they might give free data recovery i couldn't apply... so my question is, with the steps in this tutorial, could i make my disk work again? Id like to boot from it directly since all my files are in NTFS and i cant access them from outside the logged user, i would have permissions if the disk were used as extenernal. what can i do? I would be gladly to pay to anyone who could help me out with this BIG issue. thanks in advance guys!

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