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  1. only to get this straight: i have 4 identical st3500320AS drives, all were bought with SD15 firmware, 2 'died' with the BSY error, i was able to revive them via Gradius2's solution (thank you so much) then i immediately updated the firmware to SD1A in order to avoid that happening again...so i updated ALL 4 drives (at that time i did not know about this new symptom...). now i just did a request here: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...sp?DocId=207931 (click on 3.) SNo Serial number Result Action 1 9QM62R7J Drive is affected. Proceed with Step 4. 2 9QM61Q0V Drive is
  2. well guys, i think it worked on one of my RAID drives !!!!!!!! it is late now, ....i dont want to make any careless mistake today, so ill continue tomorrow BUT thank you all (aviko, Gradius2, pichi and all the others) so far, it is amazing, how much better you are than the company seagate, who is to blame for all this in the first place!! ill report more tomorrow!!! thanx again! good nite kind regards, cmburns
  3. i am on a ST3500320AS with firmware SD1A (it is already updated, since it is my experimenting-drive, on which i try all out to see if it works BEFORE i use it on my RAID drive..... i typed only F check this: (it is too long to post it, not all is visible in the hyperterminal window!) =============================================================================== Byte:0362: TraceBufferControlFlags1_18 = 00 Byte:0364: MinimumAllocationInTraceBlocksMSB_19 = 00 Byte:0365: MinimumAllocationInTraceBlocksLSB_19 = 00 Byte:0366: TraceBufferControlFlags1_19 = 00 Byte:0368:
  4. I should be done. You can try spin down and spinup drive (from level 2>Z and then U) after it spins go back to T ( with /) then type F3 T>F712 i tried this on my TESTING DRIVE, since i will do all of this on my RAID drive after all possible 'pitfalls' are excluded. if i type: 'F712' i get this: =============================================================================== Byte:05A1: Expansion = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 '' F3 T> ===============================
  5. i 'believe' the one who has the right/working solution.....but this is not about belief, because this is not religion..... now if i resume your 'path': - isolation under connector to heads. - power ON drive - start hyperterminal - CTRL+Z - /2 (Enter) - Z (Enter) >>>>>>> Spin Down Complete...... - remove isolation, fix HEX-Screw back to PCB - U (Enter) >>>>>>> Spin Up Complete - / (Enter) - F,,22 (Enter) - /1 (Enter) - N1 (Enter) - m0,2,2,,,,,22 (Enter) >>>>>>>>>>>>>> User Partition Format Successful is thi
  6. not quite: you started to write to TechnoFreek from sratch the commands.... until this: 'now wake up drive with command U' everything is IDENTICAL with Gradius2 but then, you say: / then F,,22 Gradius2 says after 'U' command: /1 N1 /T i4,1,22 power off..... wait 10 sec....power on drive CTRL+Z m0,2,2,,,,,22 he NEVER uses your 'F,,22' command.... which is the right/good one?! do u understand my confusion? thank you cmburns
  7. ok aviko, i am aware of this fact. but i guess only few of us with this problem understand native polish language..... therefore we follow(ed) Gradius2's version/solution. but now is seems that there are main differences, for example, u say to skip the 'i4,1,22' command, also the POWER OFF, waiting 10secs and then POWER ON of the drive, which Gradiu2 says wouls be 'very important'...... since most of us are newbies, who are not familiar with all these commands and their function, we are somewhat confused..... thanks cmburns
  8. wouldn't it be useful, if someone would write down all the commands, power offs/ons and removing/attaching PCB when needed from scratch? coz i get the feeling, it gets more and more untransparent.... cmburns
  9. I dont know who was stupid enough that told to insulating pins from motor (in original source user should insulate connector which goes to head assembly) remove whole pcb and check that you can connect to terminal, if you can i will guide you what to do. but this is a paradigm shift if i'm not wrong, i mean, the original solution of Gradius2 consisted of isolating the pins from the motor (by removing 1 hex-screw and inserting a piece of cardboard for example....). now im even more confused!... **** cmburns
  10. i just checked: the drive is recognized in BIOS but with SIZE 0MB. the seagate-firmware boot-cd (SCAN) does NOT recognize the drive....so this means, i may continue now (via reconnecting to hyperterminal) directly with: 'm0,2,2,,,,,22' followed by a POWER OFF for the drive?? no other prior commands are needed? thank you! cmburns
  11. do u think, did this already have an effect on the drive/data, ie. that i powered down / up without continuing with the following command? only to be really sure: (im paranoid about my raid!...sorry) i follow all commands described in Gradius2's solution, at the point of: 'F3 1>/T (enter)' 'F3 T>i4,1,22 (enter)' i may do this (=i4,1,22), but it is not needed....then WITHOUT powering anything off/on, just continue with: 'm0,2,2,,,,,22' ?? since it stopped 2 times at the point: 'i4,1,22', but i already did the commands before...(ie. 'F3 1>N1 (enter)' for SMART erase....etc) so do i hav
  12. i'm DESPERATE! i try to fix 1 of my 2 unrecognized (by BIOS) raid5 st3500320as, FW: SD15 harddrives. by using Gradius2's solution. ......and it did not work!!! ill try to explain detailed, so there should not be any misunderstanding: everything works fine up to this: F3 T>i4,1,22 (enter) after this, i am supposed to POWER OFF the drive, wait 10 sec, then RESTORE POWER to the drive. i do this. then i press CTRL+Z BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! the cursor is blinking in the hyperterminal, but i cannot enter any command!!!! all cables are untouched, all is as before..... it seems, as if the connecti
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