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  1. Hi, Eventually got it sorted, not sure what I really did that fixed it, but all OK. Cheerz
  2. Hi, I've included Ghost 2003 in a multi-boot CD but I get an annoying error when I try to boot to it: If I press A, it loads but without mouse driver. If I press R, it just is in a continuous loop with the above message. If I press F, it boots with no problems. Is this because Ghost 2003 checks your hard-drives and wants to catalogue them, I know I get a message like this when booting from Floppy A if the floppy is Write Protected. BTW, I also have Ghost 8 CE as a boot option, but it goes through without any errors. Can you help me please???? Cheerz
  3. Hi, Thanks for your edited files, much appreciated. What are the actual files and directories required to use in a multi-boot CD so I can boot to Ghost9 from CD??? (the \i386\ is just so large) I've already got working, booting to NAV 2005, PM8.05, Ghost2003 but Ghost9 has got me stumped. Cheerz
  4. Hi, The link isn't active anymore, are these Ghost 9 .BIN files available anywhere else please. Cheerz
  5. Hi, Of course you can, so can I, but that's not the point of this exercise. Cheerz
  6. Hi, That's the point, how can you slipstream SP1 into CABBED files, AFAIK, you just can't do it. Cheerz
  7. Hi bilemke, Yes, burnt and extensively tested from DVD. The Project stats: 1) Files on hard-drive 2.57 GB (2,760,216,822 bytes) 2) Optimised to 909 MB (953,479,168 bytes) 3) Rared down to 366Mbs Unfortunately it is impossible AFAIK to get the complete Office Professional Edition 2003 5 CD set down to less than 700Mbs it sized. I could witkout SP1, I did it nearly 12 months ago when first released. But the problem is, to SlipStream SP1 into files, you have to perform an Administrative Install (setup /a) and this uncabs the files. Cheerz
  8. Hi, After a lot of testing and fine-tuning, it now seems to be close to 100%. You can install, un-install and Add/Remove components and the option to re-create the 5 CD set with SP1 is available. Cheerz
  9. So, what was the trick? CDCACHE? EDIT: AIO Maker? Here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=158563 Hi, It was neither. I prefer to the ServicePack slipstream and AIO creation manually myself, I can follow the process watching the batch command window. I also use my own AIO menu. It appears the problem maybe related to the fact that the original CD compilation consisted of mainly of .CAB file format and to slipstream SP1, you need to uncab the files via setup /a (Administrative Install). As I said before, the .cab file references remain in the .MSI files. It's kinda wierd because the install or Add/Remove features works when installed from hard-drive, but fails when installed from DVD. I knew all the files where on the DVD, because if I just burnt the OFFICE directory (CD1) to CD, it installed or Add/Remove worked 100%. I started thinking it was related to the face that the setup.exe and .MSI files prefer to be in the CD/DVD ROOT directory. Keep you posted. Cheerz
  10. Hi, I think I have it working now, very unconventional and the ability to use ADD/REMOVE is functioning. Also the menu option to create the Office Professional Edition 2003 5 CD set, slipstreamed with SP1 is also working. I'll keep you posted, that's if anyone is interested. Cheerz
  11. Hi, I've created the Office 2003 Pro SP1 All-In-One as well, about the same sizes are yours. I have a problem, maybe some of you do as well but not tested. I can install from DVD with no errors, but have install problems if I try to do any Add/Remove component changes, the install asks for: Please insert the disk: Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 If you install from your hard-drive, you don't get this error. My Office Pro 2003 files were from my 5 CD set, but the files were mainly in .CAB format and the setup.exe /a etc. Administrative Install uncabs the files and places them in there appropriate directory. The references to these .CAB files still remains in the .MSI files. 1) Is there any way to slipstream the files within the .CAB files? 2) Does the source path need to be edited in the .MSI file? Any help would be greatly appreciated? Cheerz
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