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  1. I'm not mathmatician however I think it is safe to say it is split 50/50. The half of the people that have the problem and the other half that do not! SRSSA Allen
  2. Well I guess Mr. SanTools, AKA Storagesecrets was just trying to do some PR for Seagate and at the same time gave his website and company a black eye. Looks like Seagates entire product line except the SAS drives were affected by atleast this 1 bug, but how many others suffer from other bugs. 1.5TB Studder Issue and the Log issue 1TB/500GB and other LBA 0 bug. It's too much to keep count. Sure there are some people fanning the flames, but almost EVERY SINGLE forum has people complaining, and I'm pretty sure it isn't the SAME people at all groups. You know you have a problem with your hard drive, when the Under Water Basket Weaving forums start to have posts talking about the failures. I hope Seagate payed Dlethe well for his PR Spin. Odd it was just 1 day before the WD announcement. Coincident?
  3. Banned from Seagate forums ?

    From what I understand, Seagate already has a ton of suits pending in CA. And someone posted on the HARD forums. We do data recovery for a larger company here in Costa Rica, and they purchased 2000+ 1.5TB drives. Seagate basically told them to go pound sand. I know they have started legal proceedings against them as 2 of our technicians were summond to give depositions/testimony as to the problem they were having. IANAL but personally I believe you have more LEGAL recourse with the reseller, or distributors that are KNOWNINGLY selling bad drives or defective products. Kind of like Wal-Mart knowingly selling Aspirn that causes you to loose your memory. Although the aspirin company is at fault, it's more substantive to go after the distributor. SRSSA Allen