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  1. Alex, are you sure the DCU-65 cable has a built-in Serial to TTL converter?
  2. I don't see posting a guide that even someone with NO knowledge in serial connections/computer programming understands and with pictures explaining everything as copying and paste. Gradius even spent a lot of time and effort helping people out in this forum. He didn't just copy/pasted and said "hey guys, this is it. You're on your own now". And as coltrane69 said: So this is it. I think everybody who has fixed his drive and recovered his precious data should be grateful to Gradius2, Fatlip and all the good ppl who helped here. I donated a bit to him and I think everybody who values his recovered data should do the same.
  3. @robintay: Did you try to make a loopback connection between RX/TX with your cable to see if it's working?
  4. Tokuro, I was tempted to say your cable shoud work because its usb connector is long like mine (DKU-5), but that other connector looks like a mini-usb connector. For comparison, check the usb connector of your cable with a normal usb cable... If it has a SERIAL->TTL converter then it should be longer than the latter. If you wanna be sure, just buy a nokia DKU-5 or CA-42. They are cheap and a few ppl here (including myself) have successfully repaired their disks with those cables.
  5. If you're using a power converter, perhaps it could be the cause. I guess the problem with garbage characters on terminal have something to do with a bad GND connection. I think the best way to power on your hdd would be with the computer PSU with no converter. Take a look at this post, perhaps it could be useful: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=830732 By the way, what are you using to connect to your hdd? Cellphone cable or RS232->TTL adapter?
  6. jov23, did you connect the hdd to the computer psu or to an external power source (ie: external hdd case)? In my case, I could only see the terminal when I had the pcb connected. When I did the papercard trick, I could see nothing, even after pressing ctr+Z. But after I powered my hdd from the computer PSU, the terminal started to appear after pressing ctr+Z.
  7. I was having the same issue as you. But I didn't know the pin 2 on seagate was gnd If I knew that, perhaps I could be successfull even when I was powering my hdd through an external hdd case. See my picture on this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=830618 My cable is a nokia DKU-5, but it is pretty much the same as the CA-42. But I'm glad to know that more people are being successfull with cellphone cables. They're much easier to find.
  8. Hey guys, I finally FIXED my drive!!! The garbage characters were gone!!! I'm so ashamed of myself. The garbage characters were appearing because I was powering on my hdd through an external hard disk case. When I powered it though my computer PSU, I could use a PERFECTLY CLEAR terminal window. Bsobel, perhaps you're doing the same as me? If so, try powering on through your PSU. Gradius2, many thanks for your kind help!!! I'm definitely donating to you!!! It'll be a small gratitude for your help since I don't own much, but it's my sincere thanks. I'm not too familiarized with paypal, but I'll manage to do it. Cheers (domo arigatou gozaimas***a - I can speak a little japanese too since I'm a japanese descendant )
  9. Just one more question: my phone cable has 3 wires: TX, RX and a third one I'm not using. And also, my hd is being powered on by an external hdd case (i'm just using the sata power cable). Could this have anything related to the garbage characteres I'm having on hyperterminal?
  10. So you speak portuguese, gradius2??? Nice!!! Could you please take a look at my cables? The nokia dku-5 end has 3 wires. From trial and error, I found out that "blue" and "red" are TX and RX (by pressing some keys on hyperterminal), but I wonder what orange is for? When I linked orange with either of the other cables, nothing happened. I'm affraid that the two wires also might be touching each other on the seagate side, since sometimes I see the "invalid command" error (as if I were typing anything on the keyboard). -------------- Então você fala português? Que legal! Você poderia dar uma olhada nesta foto? Meu cabo nokia dku-5 tem três fios. Mas somente quando eu ligava o azul e o vermelho é que eu obtinha alguma resposta no hyperterminal (ao ficar pressionando uma tecla no teclado). Mas ainda não sei qual é a utilidade do cabo alaranjado. E os cabos do dku-5 são realmente bastante finos. Também acho que talvez os cabos estejam relando um no outro dentro do hd, pois às vezes eu recebo o erro "comando inválido". --------------- Many thanks for your kind help (muito obrigado pela ajuda).
  11. Hello, I have adapted a nokia DKU-5 cable and connected to my hdd (st3500320as). But, besides the LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051 error, I get some garbage characters. And when I turn on the PCB, I receive the prompt F3> along with several spaces and garbage characters.... And these garbage characters don't stop popping out. Is anything wrong with my cable? Since I can see parts of the command prompt and parts of the error message, it seems I'm getting close.
  12. Hello, I have a question regarding the exact moment to power off/on the hdd in the bsy state tutorial. In the first post, it's said to power off before the last command: F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 But in the other tutorial on page six (post #101) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=829013 It says to power off/on before the command: F3 T>i4,1,22 Which one is the correct moment to power off/on the hdd? Thanx in advance.
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