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  1. Im currently following the directions (MSFN Guide) on making a bootable custom version of XP. I have already successfully slimed down XP with NLite, and am currently customizing software to be installed. I would like to add and remove registry keys. While testing my .reg file my PC complained about it not being in the right format. What software do I need to make a .reg file The code I am using to remove keys are [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\X] any help is appreciated
  2. The call command would work, but I can seem to get ti to run on the remote server. when I use ' call \\remoteserver\c\batchfile.bat ' batchfile.bat runs on the PC I am making the call from instead of the remote server. anyway to change that?
  3. Recently I have had to do a file distribution across 40+ NT servers. Not being a masochist, I wrote a batch file to do it for me. However, it now seems that this will have to be done on a regular basis. Is there a command that I can put into my batch file that will allow me to call a batch file to run on those 40+ servers? The batch file that is called remotely will be personalizing the file after it is uploaded. Im currently looking into the NET command.
  4. A friend had a virus on her PC. It changed all .mp3 to a super hidden system file. How can I reset them back to a non system file now that the virus was cleaned out?
  5. kinda new to the UNattend txt...is there a guide on MSFT or an example of it? where do i put it on the cd... or do i use a switch during setup?
  6. ok....other updates since then Im actually more concerned with the customizations i like to do...reg tweaks and such Why don't you clean install a windows you want, install everything exactly the way you want it (software games etc) Tweaks everything the way you want. Then, create a HD images on a bootable CD. You can use that to backup to the states of HD anytime you want. The only problem is you can only use it on your computer because of hardwares conflict. But, this is a way to use on just for you. Some softwares that can do it are: PowerQuest DeployCenter™ 5.0 DriveImages NTbackup It writes a complete Image of HD onto multiCDs. You can use it as backup and its bootable. This will be used in my office as well...on many different computer configurations. hence the need to slipstream it.
  7. ok....other updates since then Im actually more concerned with the customizations i like to do...reg tweaks and such
  8. a guide for what??? Slipstreaming IE6 Or customizing the default XP install to automate registry tweaks and such
  9. I just read the article on creating a Slipstreamed WinXP CD with SP1. Just had a few questions about it. Can you also slipstream IE 6 and all of the other Windows updates? Can you customize the Windows Install??? (ie. I have a list of registry changes and tweaks I do to my XP installs, can I incorporate those in any way to the default XP installation so I dont have to do them each time)

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