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  1. Success!! I made a new nLite CD with the RyanVW update pack (the first one Itsnow mentioned) and XP SP3 and the network and video drivers for the Dell Dimension 4700 systems I'll use it for and it worked! I had selected some of the tweaks like put My Computer, My Network Places and My Documents on the desktop but they weren't there. At least when it was done, a visit to Windows Update only had a couple remaining updates (plus IE7 and a couple of updates for it). Overall it went really well. My problems before were definitely due to incorrect order of the patches. Using the RyanVM update packs solved that. Now I will go ahead and make CD's for the few other models of Dell systems we have. Its kind of a shame it can't be completely automated, but since each machine needs to use a different XP Product key, I guess I have to enter that each time. Unless there's a way to just use one Product Key to load the system, then immediately after the build somehow change the Key to the correct one for that machine. Is there a way to do that? Anyway, thanks again to everyone's help! Scott P.S., attached is my final session.ini. Last_Session.ini
  2. Sorry, I should have mentioned my connection type. I an connecting over broadband (cable). I see an error code 691 with an event ID of 20227. thanks, Scott
  3. Hi everyone, I recently got an Acer laptop with Vista Home Premium since my previous XP based Toshiba Tecra's touch stick started mysteriously tracking to the upper right and lower left (against my own and my USB mouse's wishes). I had been using the built-in VPN client in XP just fine (still having to use it through remote desktop to get dialed into work) but I can't get Vista to connect using its built-in VPN connection. I have compared the VPN settings between the XP and Vista machines and they are the same, but while the XP will connect fine, the Vista "dials", says that its doing the username and password, but then fails saying that it can't connect. The VPN endpoint is the Watchguard Firebox x750e at work and we use PPTP to connect. Others at work are able to use the built-in Vista connection just fine, but I can't get mine to work. Does anyone have any idea why? Is there a trick to get the Vista VPN connection to work? Thanks for any help anyone can give! Scott
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't used any update packs because I'm a clueless newby at this nLite'ing stuff (thus I'm here askin')...LOL Sorry 'bout that. How do I get and use the update packs with nLite? thanks, Scott
  5. Hurray! It finally worked! I apparently had the patches in the wrong order (I shoulda listened to you better John). Although the video resolution I had selected (1280x1024) didn't happen and it still wants to add a user with the "Who will use this computer" screen. Maybe I can get rid of those and it will be just right! It would be nice to be able to leave the Product Key blank and have it prompt me for it right at the start, but guess I can't have everything...lol I sure appreciate the help! thanks, Scott I'll attach the final ini here. Last_Session.ini
  6. Oops, now attached is the Last Session.ini.... Last_Session.ini
  7. Sorry, should have mentioned that I did successfully nLite an XP disk with SP3 only and that works great (just have 40 zillion updates to do after that...lol). Ya know, I think I inserted the patches in the order they were shown in "Windows Updates Downloader" despite you having mentioned that they are in reverse order, drat, sorry. I think I'll try it again, but *reverse the order* of the patches. Attached is the Last Session.ini
  8. Ok, I have tried a new nLite session, slip-streamed in SP3 and put in the updates I had previously downloaded in the order they are listed in the "Windows Updates Downloader". Same problem still exists. I'm wondering if one (or more) of my previously downloaded patches may be the problem. I'd like to try a new nLite using the actual patches that the "Windows Updates Downloader" program downloaded. What is the best/right way to load in the Downloader's updates? I see that it made several folders under "My Documents\Windows Updates Downloader". When I looked at the "Windows Updates Downloader" file (windows-xp-sp3-x86-enu.ulz), it looks like a bunch of XML code. Should I grep out the "KBnnnnnn...publishdate..." lines to find the patch and release date info, then import those patches one at a time into nLite? I apologize for being so clueless on all this. thanks again, Scott
  9. Hey John, Thanks! I have started a new nLite disk and am putting the patches in the order shown in the "Windows Updates Downloader" you had mentioned. I'll post here how it goes. thanks to everyone!
  10. Thanks John! Umm, how do I tell what order to load the patches? Are they supposed to just be in numerical order? thanks, Scott
  11. Thanks John, here's the Session.ini attached. thanks, Scott Last_Session.ini
  12. Hi everyone, I'm running out of hair to pull out and need help! I have used nLite to create an XP CD using my Dell OEM Windows XP CD, the downloaded XP SP3 install and about 20 patches I downloaded from Microsoft Download. I've tried to install XP onto a couple of different Dell machines using one of the Dell OEM Windows XP w/SP2 as the base for XP as well as a slightly older XP w/SP1 Dell CD but I always end up with about the same result: * Boot from nLite'ed XP w/SP3 + MS Patches * Appears to install normally (a couple of the CD's I created had an error during load about "adsldp.dll" so hit "skip", but not on all attempted CDs) * At end of apparently normal install, it reboots as expected so it can continue with Windows configuration. * Normal Windows XP boot up screen with blue dots scrolling as usual * Then gets a light blue screen "letterbox-like" display saying "Setup is being restarted..........." and the system restarts and we're back to the previous line above, over and over, etc I've tried using a couple of different Dell OEM CD's and tried running nLite and burning the CD's on a couple different machines but still get the same problem. Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I've searched the forum and haven't seen anyone with this problem so I know it must work somehow. Thanks for any help anyone can give! Scott

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