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  1. Just a thought. Has anyone who recovered their disk from the BSY state and not upgraded the firmware experienced this problem again? If the problem is related to data being left by the test machine, and the solution presented here zeros the SMART log area, does this solution mitigate the original problem? Is it wiping the affected areas? I have 10 MX15 disks that are sitting in a bag waiting to be re-installed in a machine. It's a fingers crossed type of wait as I have no idea if any or all of them will come back up, but the reports I'm seeing on the SD/MX1A firmware appear to have other "issues" with sleep times and timeouts, while the MX15 has been ok for me. I was wondering if a pre-emptive wipe of the areas required to recover from the BSY state might prevent it from actually occurring ?
  2. Guys I'm new here.. I've got 10 DiamondMax22 1TB drives with MX15 in a RAID-6 and I'm hoping when I next power cycle them they come back up.. I just thought this might come in handy. It's a USB->3.3v TTL converter used to program the Parallax Propeller chip. It has a standard FTDI USB interface on it and by clipping 2 pins off the TTL connector it will plug right into the back of the seagate drives perfectly. http://www.parallax.com/Store/Microcontrol...98/Default.aspx I know Parallax have distributors across the globe, so I thought those of you looking for USB->TTL converts might find this handy. I'm taking one home with me just in case my drives fail when I shut the machine down to firmware upgrade them (provided Seagate actually gets a fix out anyway). Hope this might help someone. Cheers.. <edit> Oh friggin 'eck. I've just read the Seagate forums. I'm not that BradC!

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