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  1. Guys, I really need an advice for this - I've got two st3500320as on my hands, both SD15. I don't have the BSY or LBA 0 state. Yet. Fingers crossed. What I do have -is annoying r\w errors on one drive, say I download a something from the torrents and it just hangs the Os, and when i restart the Utorrent says, like there is a major CRC errors. THe second halted one day, sometimes it didn't show itself in BIOS, sometimes it BSODED my OS with nvata.sys error, or just hung the WinXp. The thing is, I need to know how to cure the drives and get the info back. Maybe, even use them afterwards. So I beg you for an advice.
  2. DerSnoezie do you think, adding info about MB chipset could be a good Idea? I mean, there a lot of discussions on the internet about Nvidia Nforce4 chipset drivers making HDD's corrupt their MFT + when you run Zero Assumption Recovery 8.3 it tells you, that Nvidia IDE drivers are know to make problems in case of an intensive usage. I myself have a Gigabyte GA-8NSLI, it uses Nforce 4.
  3. Guys, any ideas how I could get my data back, while I still have the chance? It shows in BIOS, The DataRecovery progs can see it, it's just, when they scan certain sectors, boom, hard drive goes to failsafe and just locks it self, till the next power-up. Active@ Unerase , GetDataBack, They see the files, I just need to tell them somehow to skip dead sectors. Anybody know if there is a software to map the Bad Sec's?
  4. 1:9QM2JG0B:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08385:2008-12-01:KRATSG:2008-05-12:2008-12-01:RETAIL: qdr: Kazakhstan: F/K: WinXPx86 2:9QM81RSX:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09155:2009-01-10:KRATSG:2008-12-05:2009-01-10:RETAIL: qdr: Kazakhstan: F/K: WinXPx86
  5. Alright, so here's what I have: Bougth myself a nice present - 500 GB 7200.11 s***gate. Was really happy, 'coz been downloading stuff from local torrents 24 hours a day. immediately attached an HDD cooler to it. So, everything's fine, until one day winxp just showed me the "$mft something is screwed". After that my harddrive was shuting itself down at random time and random occasion. Now, I go buy myself another 500 GB 7200.11 s***gate and use GetDataBack for NTFS 3.5 and succeed in recovering my data. After that I repartiton the old one, splitting it in half. Everything ran smooth, until the new harddrive started acting like the old one. This time, I got something like a "partition table" crash. I've been torturing Hiren's Boot CD software and GDB since that. After I Used Acronis Disk Director, and just deleted the "never-mounting" partitions and created a new one it stopped crashing WinXp on boot. When I run GDB now, it can see the files, but when it reaches certain sector the prog hangs and it seems like the HDD just powers itself down, bloody thing. Now can anyone give me an advice if there is anyway I can get my data back, before I'll RMA it? I also Used Active@ Uneraser 3, It sees the files and partitions, but when it get's to the "recover" part, it only sees virtual a and b drives. What can I do??? Almost forgot: got 2 500 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, f/w SD15, SC KratSG, made in Thailand
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