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  1. Well, so far I got no report about that, thanks to guide at: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=128807 I estimate it helped to fix over 1000 HDDs so far, w/o any problem, and absolutely no errors were reported. Someone with 150 HDDs with BSY and LBA problems told me he recovered 100% of them, w/o issues or data loss. I'm using 6 HDDs, 2 them were with BSY error, and 1 with wrong firmware, I updated those 4 (SD15) to SD1A and they all are running just fine at this very moment. Gradius Glad to hear that Maybe 2 in one million is not that significant (unless it happens to you)
  2. Oh my... It seems that there is still some issues with Seabrick... It is not clear, but by the thread title i can suppose it is the SD1A. Comment of warpandas from 01-30-2009 07:24 AM http://forums.seagate.com/stx/board/messag...ing&page=10 "I completed a successful firmware upgrade on my ST31000340AS one week ago after receiving problems of an I/O device error in Windows Vista when I tried to access my data on the harddrive. Now, one week later, I am completely unable to access my harddrive. BIOS will not detect it. Anyone else?" There is another guy (avivahl) reporting similar problems with ST3500320AS in this same thread.
  3. I think i can understand what Seabreak (or Seabrick) means with that FUD = FU...keD (fill in the blanks)
  4. It can go to the botton, as long as they fix the firmware bug before that...
  5. I have the yesterday one at home. I can share it whenever i get home. Is there a new one ?
  6. I think we all deserve some kind of compensation for the nightmare we are passing thru...
  7. GT stand for Great Trash But shhh tell nobody, that awesome TM is for a few. After all this, no more Seagates to me, for life (not even for free). Gradius nice! Althought on our shop no more seagates too , will give try in some time but until 6 month we will go with western + samsung I think. Hi guys I'm new here, but i've been following this thread (and others related to Seagate SD15) since last friday. You are my heroes now. Well, i have just one question. Is everybody telling what is going on to all people you know ? I mean, i think every single Seagate (and potential future) customer must know the truth about this company. Cause, i can be wrong, but every article (not discussion lists) i've read about 7200.11 failure puts Seagate as the good guys saving the day, when it is not the situation we are facing as disappointed customers.
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