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  1. PrOfiLer, It would appear You're using a SATA to Molex power adapter which doesn't have the orange line(3.3V)....That is why You won't have any communication with the drive...Make sure You use an actual SATA power connector from a power supply. I had the same issue, swapped the power connectors and voila!!!!!
  2. Yay!!! Worked like a charm for the BSY problem!!! Very grateful to everyone on here for their hard work and support! Just remember You can't use a sata to molex adapter to power the drive for this as it doesn't have the orange 3.3V line!!!!
  3. Power OFF/ON Partition regeneration: F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 (enter) Now i'm just curious before I start working on the BSY fix for my drive, I wanna be clear about the BOLD parts above in the quote. Since It seems as though Gradius2 was uncertain of the power off/on part. Do I just unplug the drive at this point, and then plug it back in right away?
  4. From my experience I've tried the ISO image they released on several machines and I always get the same error...'Drive not detected, ST3500320AS expected'. I would recommend waiting until Seagate releases a firmware/utility that is actually compatible with our drives, as I know most people aren't having success with the currently released firmware.