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  1. Well, I re-read the article, it does say power off, but I don't care. The interesting thing is the third point, because it suggests all of a sudden that it's not the fault of the firmware, but a set of miss-confired test machines. It explicitly states that all three conditions must be met in order for failure to occur. Don't blame me, I didn't write the article.
  2. I found an interesting article in german: http://news.magnus.de/artikel/87236 It states that three conditions must be met for the drives to fail: 1. The counter-log-thing must reach 320 2. The drive is powered off at that moment 3. In manufacturing, the drive must have been connected to a (then defective) testmachine! Not all drives are being subjected to the test during manufacture. While the guy at slashdot already mentioned the first two conditions, the third one is news to me, as it would suggest that not all drives are bound to fail. (even though labeled as "affected" by the online-check as mine is)
  3. It looks like seagate is preparing updates for seven more drivemodels: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/self...&NewLang=en however I can't find any word on different variations of P/Ns.
  4. Thanks for the advice, I got it to boot by reburning the .iso (**** Nero ) As you predicted it still didn't work. I got the "Error: Specific model not found. ST3500320AS expected"-thing. While I was at it, I pulled out the drive to find I have P/N -303 (as expected).
  5. I just read in a german forum that HDDs with P/Ns ending in -303 do not work with this iso, only endings of -300 No luck for me as well, I have ST3500320AS, Firmware: SD15, online check says my drive is affected, but the booting from the update cd ends with "FreeDOS" on the screen with a blinking cursor.
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