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  1. I really want to hear (or read) what is wrong in version which I suggest. Everyone who asked me got answer based on my knowledge as best as I could. All i wanted was information about real author who published these commands. Yura (also known as Okzo) worked really hard for last months to find out how to solve problem with that black series of seagate. All people who succesfully fixed own disks used commands which he publish. Of course there are commercial solutions which was developed and you can buy it or go to someone who buyed it. They worked independly and noone (as I know) grab solution from another. I am really sad because all that happened here. So much prosecution by one guy to another. Yura decided to publish these command with his own motives. I dont want to judge him is that good or not. Personally, as I work in DR company, I have much less cases with these disk after solution was published. Solution spreaded in internet and now everyone who search enough can find it and try to solve his problem. I tryed to aware you there are sifnificant errors in solution which Gradius copied and pasted here. I dont want to judge him too. He posted (or pasted) here this tutorial. Good for him. Many people could read it and fix bricked drive. He did much work too, but when someone quote another person it is nice (and should) to inform about source. Initialy he did it, but someday removed this info. Then many people who knows truth (including me) decided to something. It was not fair to pretend as author this tutorial. He compiled it and give in pill. But this pill should be good at least as in source was good. It wasnt, I tryed to change it but anything that I tryed to say was challenged by him that his tutorial is best and the only. Well if anyone who tryed "his" tutorial didnt get good results can try to contact me by instant messenger, Im using few it should be enough, all is in my profile. Thank you for reading my post to the end because I think it is my last one here. Good luck with your data. As few posts appear while i write this text I will give you all last advice. Isolating motor contacts prevents opening terminal in ES.2 and as I see new all versions of firmware rest of drives based on F3 architecture. See ya! ok ,then way he don't publish it on forum?
  2. I think there's always voltage in it once the drivers are properly installed...but: It seems there are 2 type of nokia cables. One is self-powered thru USB, one needs an external 3.3v power to work. Usually, the latter has more wires (tx, rx, data gnd, 3.3v in, 3.3v gnd, and maybe other stuff). So, maybe you just need to connect a 3v battery to it. There is a great guide here that show you how identify and check your Nokia cable. I already posted this link so many times, I hope this would be the last one. Please take a look at older posts or do some searches, most of the common problems are already covered in this thread. Here're my own 2 general little advices: 1. Always double check your terminal connection before plug any wire to the Seagate drive. I see many people here connecting random wires from random cables they found in their drawers. Connecting a standard straight USB cable to your HD is not a good idea. 2. If you get strange characters in the terminal window after connecting the drive, be careful at what you type in it! In my first attemp to recover my drive I got only random characters because I didn't connected the ground wire on the drive third pin, but actually, what I was typing were sent to the drive. I tested it: I was able to spin off the motor (/2 & Z) even without see nothing readable in the terminal window... Be patient and good luck with the fix! I follow this soap opera since the first early posts at the original 7200.11 Falling down thread on seagate forums. So, chronologically: Till 16 January 2009 we were all lost and confused and angry and many other things, then Shuky posted this on elektroda.pl forum: http://www.elektroda.pl/rtvforum/viewtopic...6012404#6012404 As you can see there Nirvanowiec give him a link to: http://yura.projektas.lt/files/seagate/720011_ES2.html where, for the first time, were given a solution for fix the 7200.11 CC and BSY errors, by Yura. In that page (in Polish) there's no date, I think it was up since early January 2009. Then, one day later, 17 January 2009, Shuky alias Gsustek, posted the first solution in english, based on Yura's page above, in the hddguru forum. The thread was deleted and reposted two days later. In the google cache there's still the original one: I posted myself in that thread, as well as Aviko. (who also contacted me with a Pm for give help, I never answered him back, there was a bad mood there in that forum and many people were trying to misinform about those info. Still now some of them are doing that. Now I'm very sorry about it, Aviko, I was wrong. Thank you for that pm) So we arrived at 18 January 2009, when Gradius posted his solution on this thread (based on the Shuky (gsustek)' one posted the day before) also adding that aesthetically pleasant graphic with TX and RX legend instead of ugly ascii art (the pic with the drive and tx/rx arrows insted was first posted by fatlip in the previous '7200.11 Troubles' thread) and original credit links to Yura and Shuky post, now removed. So this are the fact by my point of view. Personally, I don't give a thing about donations or other stuff like that (actually, Gradius was and is very helpfull with many people and in many circumstances in this thread), I only think that should be right to give credit to people who saved us all. A noticeable thing is that, now, Gradius and Aviko solutions are quite the same. Don't be confused, the only difference is that Aviko removed the command i4,1,22 because, as he explained, it isn't essential and it can damage data on the drive in some cases. He also added other commands for testing purposes only (F712,F,,22). As you can see, this was a very long story. I really wish that there'll be a happy end now. We recovered out data, other people will recover their drive with this thread and this is really beautiful. So, make love not war Happy fixing! Thank you so much.. i was crusified on hddguru forum that night, i think it was sunday..evening "+1 Zagreb" time..
  3. Hi, all.. My nick Shuky on polish forum, here on msdn, and gsustek on hddhuru is the same person, I.. I start to exploring the internet for solution on russian, and polish forums, using google translator,.. When Nirvanowiec on polish forum answer me on my queston, i go to litvanian site and try this solution.on my st332013as 0 LBA i think before anyone..here is the proof.. http://forum.hddguru.com/solution-for-7200...t10714-120.html then,after guys treath me so well, i create tutorial...on hddguru ,site.. Aviko, you remember me? Croatia....Jadransko more.. Yura roools!!!!! Okzo do all research....and deploy to site.
  4. thank you but do you mean removing the pcb totally or just the part related to the spin motor? (i tried once by just disconneting the spin motor part of the pcb and the terminal seemed not working) I dont know who was stupid enough that told to insulating pins from motor (in original source user should insulate connector which goes to head assembly) remove whole pcb and check that you can connect to terminal, if you can i will guide you what to do. Now you are full of help!!! I put isolation. Betwen motor and pcb, if motor not spining, heads are still parked ans SA can not be read !
  5. http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...l=en&swap=1
  6. Hello. The cable is a simple data-cable I bought a long time ago for removing my mobile phones simlock. I don't know where it takes it's power from - I think likely from the serial port (I know, it's not build for providing power, but well, the interface seems to work?). I just searched google for a schematic of the EXAR SP232AET, unsoldered the cables leading to the SAGEM-plug and soldered two short cables to the right pins of the IC, leading to my drive. It was just a typo here in the board, in HyperTerminal I entered the comma. What catches my eye is that when I connect the faulty drive BIOS says "HDD S.M.A.R.T. Capability: NONE" - is this regular when a drive is affected by 0LBA-bug? @Shuky: Thanks for the link, I'm going to read... Yes,it is, i just have this sindrom zero LBA.s
  7. read this.. http://translate.google.com/translate?prev...sl=ru&tl=en
  8. i think those will work but this is a lot cheaper http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MAX232-RS232-to-TTL-...%3A1|240%3A1318 you must have those zener diods to 2V7.
  9. pictures please of terminal., and did you try swaping tx,rx?
  10. I agree this schematic uses zener diodes. Probably the best way is to use USB to rs232(TTL-3V3) cable like Nokia DKU-5, consult this and this Regards yes, you must have zener reverse polarize diode.... this link http://hddguru.com/content/en/articles/200...pter-schematic/ my datacabel is build with these shematic for siemens x35 series cellphones,with batery was 3.6V..and successfully repair 0 LBA.-s yesterday.
  11. How you suspect, is bios recognize hdd? F3 T>/C F3 C>Q and there is commands;) just mining of its...
  12. No problem. I'll order my RS232 TTL now, but it should only arrieve after 27th. If anyone try this guide (before than me), please comment if you had some difficulty, or something like that. The hardest part I see is to re-connect the PCB back to HDA while is still under power. Gradius peace of cake, just turn betwen motor connector and pcb, visit card, unscrew little bit , and thas it, it works for me.I do this but just 0lba problem, gsustek, did you remember me? Hddguru, so, send me link to document of seagate commands.
  13. because, i am gsustek from hddguru, and i qouted,by mistake;)

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