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  1. winamp 5.0.3a release!

    Does anyone know how to activate the CLASSIC skin by default?
  2. Deleting C:\install

    I used RunOnceEx as AthlonXP2100 advised me.. and i'll suggest you to read my new topic : >> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=21235
  3. %AllUsersProfile%

    I have made my cleanup.cmd file with these commands: DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\*.lnk" DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\*.lnk" rd /s /q "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Winamp" rd /s /q "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Skype" rd /s /q "%systemdrive%\Program Files\AOD" rd /s /q "%systemdrive%\Program Files\AWS" rd /s /q %systemdrive%\install rd /s /q %systemdrive%\drivers and surprisingly, only these two worked : rd /s /q %systemdrive%\install DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\*.lnk" what do you think? does %AllUsersProfile% work? How come its not deleting the other repertories and links im asking him to? For information, Cleanup.cmd is run via RunOnceEx.cmd which is ran by cmdlines.txt
  4. Deleting C:\install

    Where ECHO OFF?
  5. Problem with autologon

    GillouStyle03 said : No its wrong actually. The default login name is administrator and although there is a administrator.athlon2600 folder in Documents and Settings; i can NOT log in under windows using this name! Is this a joke?! wierdly, i find all the unattended programs shortcuts into Documents and Settings\Administrator.Athlon2600\Start Menu\Programs Nothing in Documents and Settings\Administrator beside Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch with 3 shortcuts i had put in my \$Docs\GillouStyle\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch folder. I guess we can't use $Docs to copy files into another USER's folders. But that doesnt solve why the whole system got installed under Administrator..
  6. Deleting C:\install

    Nope. i dont know how to do that
  7. Deleting C:\install

    i dont get anything @ anytime! the programs install fine, just this command seem not to be done
  8. Deleting C:\install

    The command (below), at the end of my batch.cmd file didnt work. The folder and its content remain intact after installation during first boot-up! Any suggestions?
  9. Problem with autologon

    It is really annoying... Maybe you could just tell me what YOU have typed in your different files, and you know it worked perfectly; and i will try to identify what is wrong with my installation.
  10. Tutorial This seems to explain everything. "Open up winnt.sif and add these two lines under the [unattended] section (the paths to the drivers are an example for this guide, so simply replace with your own): OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_intel_INF;Drivers\001_gigabit_LAN;Drivers\002_monitor" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore " but it says "Not all drivers installations will work using this method" .. so you might be unlucky and use another way?
  11. Problem with autologon

    im so sad.. my unattended cd is still not working after 3 full days of doing all the tutorials and stuff, this wont work :D in $Docs, i just have a folder called GillouStyle with Application data and Start Menu in it. But the installation DID NOT create the user GillouStyle; so it was actually usuless :-( :-(
  12. Problem with autologon

    Why does Administrator already exists? it sucks ! I feel better improving english when using windows XP ENGLISH :-)
  13. Problem with autologon

    I just noticed something The Default user is Administrator.2600 and not Administrator!! Also, my keys ";enable the status bar", ";enables the view to list in all folders", and ";Show Windows classic folders" didnt work. it might have something to do...
  14. Hello I did EXACTLY as it was written on the MSFN tutorial; and it didnt work. I still login as ADMINISTRATOR; plus i found out under Documents and Settings, that i have 3 folders: All users (normal!) Administrator (normal also) Administrator.Athlon2600 (!!! ??!! Athlon2600 is my computer name) here are the different files i have programmed; if you see anything wrong... in \$OEM$\ in \i386 Thanks for your help. I might have forgotten to do something? ..
  15. Install AIM and DeadAIM silently?

    i don't know either; but it is interesting. I'll look up for it on google ;-)