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  1. aviko, many thanks for your help! I got the drive back working, copying data as we speak! going to leave the firmware upgrade until last just in case!! i think i was just trying to rush the process, my advice to everyone else! take your time! big thanks must go the gradius and the rest of the crew and everyone lese involved with determining a solution to this segate disaster!
  2. wait about 30-60 seconds before send Z then you shouldnt get CC error GRRR... now when restart the command and press Z to spin down the motor I get LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569 any ideas aviko? many thanks
  3. Do you got this avery time when you power up drive? SalvationDATA manual aviko, i have gotten around this error, I now have another. once I have typed Z and spun down the motor successfully, I then remove the pirce of card I have placed under the screw hole. I screw back the pcb to the drive spindle but then I get the error LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051 I dont get the chance to enter the command U to start the motor. but the error instead.
  4. Hi Gradius et al, I am looking for some technical help please!! I have connected my hard drive through my com port as described in post 1. I was able to connect to HyperTerminal fine however I did something stupidd. I have the BSY issue so the first command I entered in HyperTerminal was /2 after this I need to enter Z to spin down the motor but Instead I stupidly entered z (lower case). I now get the message below in HyperTerminal. LED:000000CE FAddr:0028E24B LED:000000CE FAddr:0028E24B I cannot get rid of this message. Can anyone please help? I really am in desparate need to repair this drive
  5. Strange... If I plug only the PCB without the Disk I got your symptoms. Check if your Frankenstein disk is spinning (even with head beat; my case). Are you sure that your both ST3500340AS are identical and running SD1A firmware on the working one? both drives are defo identical, and I updated the good drive with the latest firmware. i then take the bad pcb and put it on the good drive. i then get the symptoms as described above. i should have also said that the good drive (with good pcb) isnt working 100%. it has another fault but it is working although it is running slow. this is a less common fault with these wastes of money!
  6. some more details, the bad pcb/good drive is detected in the bios. although it hangs for ages at the bios. the firmware then boots and when i select option A to update the firmware, it thinks about it for while and then returns the error message error: specific model not found. st3500320as expected all help appreciated Vinicus
  7. Vinicus I try this but when i run the firmware update on the bad pcb/good drive i get an error something like "3500320AS expected" the firmware update then stops and asks to power cycle.
  8. I have two identical 3500320AS drives, one which is not detected in the bios. i have swapped the pcbs but the faulty one is still not detected even though it is connected to a good drive. will this fix defo not work for drives that are not detected in the bios?
  9. if its any help, one of my drives has the busy fault. it is not detected by the bios and when i ran the firmware upgrade it was still unable to detect the drive and hence could not apply the firmware upgrade. ive decided to try fix this fault myself using gradius2's method. parts are ordered, just awaiting their arrival!!
  10. some good news at last! could someone please provide a step by step guide to updating firmware for n00bs like me! how to burn bootbale iso and install the firmware etc. your help is greatly appreciated
  11. will any of these proposed fixes (either by seagate or members of this forum) work for drives which are not detected by the bios? can anyone update me please? I've been going back through the previous posts but find little reference to the not detected by bios problem. thanks in advance.
  12. Hey guys, my drive is no longer detected in bios. I bought the drive in April 2008!! I put the serial into the seagate serial checker and surprise surprise it's not affected anyway, are segate going to help us users recover our data whose drives are not detected in the bios? I dont care what happens to my drive I just really want my data!! Here are my drive details, any help is appreciated Barracuda 7200.11 500GB S/N - 9QM1VH6X ST3200320AS P/N - 9BX154-303 Firmware - SD15 Date Code - 08365 Product of Thailand

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