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  1. Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Troubles

    I just got off a chat session with seagate. here is the offical message : If this is in reference to the Seagate Knowledge Base article concerning the certain families of Seagate and Maxtor hard drives, unfortunately, a firmware update is not available yet. Our engineers are currently working on the issue now, and they are looking at having the firmware updates available, hopefully at the later part of next week. As to which serial numbers of these drives that are affected by this, they are working on a addition to the web site for a serial number checker that should be up by Monday. When the serial checker is online, you can put in the serial number, and it will tell you if the drive associated with that serial number is affected by this firmware issue. If it's not affected, then you'll be good to go. If it is affected, it will say so, then you will need to call into 1-800-Seagate, have the model number, serial number, and part number ready when you call. Because this is a large issue affecting a large number of consumers and partners, we would request that you address this issue only when you call, so that we can assist as many as possible and expedite the resolution of this issue quickly. Thank you for contacting Seagate. Thank you for using Seagate products. You may now close this window. looks like they are looking at it.