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  1. Hi, I have searched the forum for any clue on the following behaviour I experience with my unattended installation. The situation is as follows: - I use XP-Pro-SP2, and install via unattend. - I use WPI on the same DVD, started with RunOnceEx. - On the DVD I have stored the Office 2K3 admin installation point, (path=%cdrom%\WPI\INSTALL\OFFICE) and some custom installation files, say standard.mst. - I call the installation with the following command: %cdrom%\WPI\INSTALL\OFFICE\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=%cdrom%\WPI\INSTALL\OFFICE\standard.mst The installation is finished successfully, I can use all installed apps, no problem. However, when I want to add some Office components via the software panel, I receive the message "Please insert disk: Microsoft Office Professional 2003", even when the DVD is in it's original drive. It gives me no opportunity to select or browse to a location... I can only choose OK or Cancel... I do not understand how this is possible. Removing Office installation gives no problem. Also, when installing manually from the same installation point, it is not possible to change Office components after installation. My questions: - Is it possible at all to use such admin installation points from CD-ROM? - Am I forgetting something in the preparation of the admin installation point? - Is there a way to workaround, other than copying the entire office installation point to the computer's hard drive? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance for your replies! Henrie Assinck