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  1. Amusingly, I've got a few maxtor drives from before they were brought out by seagate..... a few have seagate ASICs on them
  2. Why shouldn't works? I'm into IT since 1983, I didn't started yesterday. I was 99% sure it would works. If is about the credits, then... I did put the credits at the end of the guide. Btw, I lost hours to compile all the informations in a CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE english (did you see the original .pl infos?). The guide was written from scratch, just used and refined (a lot) all that information. A good example is that picture (indicating TX & RX pins), is 100% my job. You cannot compare that to a horrible ascii art. Gradius Looking at the solution again, I don't think you'd need to power cycle after the SMART erase, but it's not problem considering the drive is going to be hanging outside of the machine anyway. Either way, glad to have a working machine again, and it looks like the only thing to have taken any 'damage' is my firefox session, but there are any number of reasons for that to fail
  3. Excellent guys, just tried the recovery commands, rebooted, bam! OS straight up, no problems so, ones you've got the RS232 connection sorted, it's about 10mins to fix the disc. Again MASSIVE thanks to fatlip for the RS232 setup, pichi for the BSY resetting and Gradius2 for digging up the LBA0 fix \o/
  4. Ahh, just managed to successfully reset the BSY flag.... typically just as was just sorting out a post for more information on the steps.
  5. correct me if i'm wrong, but does this mean we could 'unlock' the drives over rs232, then apply the firmware update? just a bit curious as, could unlock the drive, use another for a couple of days as the system drive to apply the firmware update.
  6. yeah, i've been wondering that. guess it might be time to reassemble the drive, and not solder wires to it for the rs232 (seem to not quickly be able to get suitable socket/bucket wires over here in blighty - at maplin anyway). Still, the test/diagnostic pads at the back maybe the way to go for it
  7. Ehhhrr, what exactly do you want us to do? I have tested my programmer with the M25P40 memory that I had. Unscrew torx 6 screws and see integrated circuit number. I want make a list of EEPROM memory compatibility. If all EEPROMs are from the same manufacturer can be an EEPROM problem. The problem may be a writting error in the EEPROM at power off. Sometimes there may be errors in the writing of the EEPROM. If the firmware does not detects these errors the hdd can be blocked as a security mechanism. The other half of the firmware is in the service area SA (2113 fields, approx. 1MB), but it is innaccesible. 512K + 1MB = 1.5MB All ".lod" or ".bin" of the updates are multiples of 512 bytes. Curiosity. PLEASE: Help to make the EEPROM list. the EEPROM on my board is a 25fw406a. Other chip details (might be useful) Samsung DRAM, LSI main chip. Has anyone tried sorting the pinout of the test port at the back? (been having problems hooking up the serial port to reset the BSY state, looking at that as a possible connection point to save soldering to the board - can't seem to find useful 'bucket' connectors for the pins)