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  1. Hi forum, Anyone had a problem with either Vlite or Stefan's WinIntegrator and botching WPA2 wireless? I'm using a combination of the two to shrink my install size on an EeePc, but something I took out made connecting to wireless WPA2 networks a little wonky. The catch is, I can connect to WPA2-Enterprise networks only if I turn of Windows Firewall. After turning of WF, I can connect, and re-enable. Oddly, Windows Firewall was blocking SSTP, not sure if that's related. Any thoughts? From looking at the event log, it seems like Windows Firewall is blocking my work's DHCP server, but only when connecting to WPA2 networks (can connect to unsecured networks fine). Thanks!
  2. As a long time Vlite user, this app is awesome for Windows 7. I just finished a build for my lil 8GB Dell Mini9. However, I ran into one small problem: nothing was removed. After removing a slew of packages from Win7, I installed only to find that they are all there upon install. Any idea why this could happen? During the rebuilding process I got on DISM Error about the time it was removing "Internet Games". Thoughts? Thanks, Whiz
  3. I'm not THAT much of a n00b--I did check the stickies. My problem is that I am trying to install Win7 onto a Dell Mini9 with an 8GB SDD. I was able to install using Vlite, but I have very little free space--I need something that will make it even smaller. *7Customizer is out, as it doesn't remove packages *Stefan's WinIntegrator looks nice, but it doesn't reduce the wim size and there's really no usage guide there.... What would you recommend?
  4. Hi forum, I'm a long-time user of Vlite, now a Win7 user looking to create a trimmed-down version. I know that Vlite works okay with Win7, given that you don't remove certain things, but I'm intrigued by some of the batch processes some users have put together. A lot of the things I've looked at are "EXTREME REMOVAL" and offer no customizability whatsoever. Is there a program out there that will sift through the packages and let me select which ones to delete without editing a batch file in Notepad? I'm willing to get my hands dirty, but a lot of the guides are super inaccessible. Thanks, Whiz
  5. Can I get a selfish /bump here? 52 views and no response? Surely someone else has seen this problem?
  6. Hey all, new poster, but Vlite maniac. I can't get enough of it! Must be on my 20th install...Anyways. I know that the missing Compatibility Tab on Vlite was an issue in the past if you removed the Error Reporting Service or Application Compatibility. Well, I've check and double checked, I haven't removed either of these components, and still no Compatibility Tab on applications that should have it. I've posted my Last Session if it helps...

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