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  1. Yes, I'm using IDE mode. No other drives are connected, exept a SATA-DVD-writer - I will try to get one with IDE, maybe that's the problem.
  2. Has anyone tried to flash the new firmware for ST3320613AS? I tried, but without success: The firmware update tool says that it will work with ST3320613AS/9FZ162-300, SDxx only. My drive is such a ST3320613AS/9FZ162-300 with SD11 and the tool recognizes that: Model ST3320613AS SN 9SZ0**** FW SD11 on Generic PCI ATA Bus 0 Device 1 But then it aborts with following error messages: NO MATCH! WILL NOT DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE! ********* Error: Specific model not found. ST3320613AS expected. ********* Cycle power to continue...
  3. I know that RAID0 is risky, that was the reason I bought an external Seagate ST31500341AS, I wanted to make a backup every week. Sadly one of my RAID0-drives got broken before I had the change to back up. Well, now everything is fine I think.
  4. Great news (at least for me): I managed to get my drive back to a useable state. If you remember, I was the only one getting a strange error while doing the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 thing, some said my disk is physical dead, others said it's another firmware bug of the SD11-firmware on my drive. Well, both guesses were wrong: I tried the whole thing with another PC and it worked, so it had something to do with my COM-port. The strange thing was that I could connect to my HDD via COM-port flawlessly, but instead of the sucess-confirmation I got an "User Partition Format was not sucessful" error. With
  5. Connect the HD on terminal, you should be able to see which error is (if CC or not). Gradius I don't get the CC message, but the method of "unbricking" 0LBA-drives does not work. Seems like I have to wait for any news or for an answer from Seagate.
  6. Nobody has an idea what will help against my problem described in #56 ? I can't imagine it's a hardware fault. It just won't regenerate the partition successfully...
  7. I used Realterm with Windows Server 2008, the terminal session works, so at least Realterm is going to work with Vista.
  8. Hi. Do you mean this page: https://apps1.seagate.com/rms_af_srl_chk/ ? Well, when I entered S/N a few days ago it showed "Not Affected" - but there may are reasons why they deleted the serial checker But if it's affected by both the BSY and the 0 LBA error, shouldn't the CC errorcode show up in HyperTerminal?
  9. Hi. I hope you can use this data: ST3320613AS, P/N 9FZ162-300, FIrmware: SD11, Date Code: 08391; Site Code: TK. Many thanks for your commitment! I'll be off for the next hours - it's 12:30am in Germany and I've to work tomorrow. Good night
  10. As far as I can say it went into 0 LBA while my PC booting. A month ago, when this happened, the RAID-BIOS said failed and when I deactivated the RAID-controller BIOS said "HDD S.M.A.R.T. CAPABILITY: NONE". Unfortunately my next action was not to look into the drive configuration of the Setup Utility, I first tried a few other thinks (different controller, different cables, different HDD-PCB) - all without sucess before I saw, that the drive is still recognized, but with all drive parameters set as 0 and without any capacity. EDIT: Thanks for your help, but neither m0,1,1,0,0,0,0,22 nor m0,1,1
  11. Yes it is. As I unterstood your tutorial I just have to disconnect it if I'd need the BSY-fix, am I right?
  12. I would like to apply the fix, but as stated in post #65 unfortunately it doesn't work.
  13. Hello Shuky. I have started reading the thread on page 27, but I don't get it - has someone found out how to deal with my problem?
  14. Hello. The cable is a simple data-cable I bought a long time ago for removing my mobile phones simlock. I don't know where it takes it's power from - I think likely from the serial port (I know, it's not build for providing power, but well, the interface seems to work?). I just searched google for a schematic of the EXAR SP232AET, unsoldered the cables leading to the SAGEM-plug and soldered two short cables to the right pins of the IC, leading to my drive. It was just a typo here in the board, in HyperTerminal I entered the comma. What catches my eye is that when I connect the faulty drive BI
  15. I tried the 0 LBA fix (HDD is recognized by BIOS, but as 0MB), but it doesn't seem to work: When I input "m0 2,2,0,0,0,0,22" it takes a few seconds until the first line ("Max Wr Retries"...) shows up completly but then appears the following error message: Error 1008 DETSEC 0000500D User Partition Format Failed - Elapsed Time 0 mins 00 secs R/W Sense 00000002, R/W Error 00000084, File Error 00001002 Blk Addr 01080001, Blk Addr Type D0, Cyl 01590000, Hd 00 Anyone experienced the same or can help? EDIT: Interface is a modified Sagem data-cable with SP232AET-chipset (equal to MAX232), but this int
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