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  1. Yay! It worked like a charm this time! You should include the AMD xp installation in this guide also! My problem now is that I can't find any drivers for my computer since HP doesn't officially support it. But i guess that should be taken up in another thread.. (any tips?) Anyways, thanks for all the help Fernando!!
  2. This verifies, that you have integrated the wrong (=Intel) textmode drivers.Your notebook has an AMD/ATI chipset and your SATA Controller is running in RAID mode. Do the following: 1. Download this driver package, unzip it and integrate it as textmode driver. 2.When the textmode driver popup window comes up,check all Controllers, which are designed for Windows XP. 3. Let nLite create the ISO file and burn it. Good luck! Fernando Oh? Well, that should explain alot! Funny thing though... All three of the times I were in contact with HP-support.. they all told me I should use an Intel Driver, this puzzled me, but I thought if they didn't know then who would, right? Im going to try it right away! Thanks for all the help so far! I will return and report if it worked!
  3. Ok. In the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers": ATA Channel 0 ATA Channel 1 Standard-Dual Channel PCI IDE-controller and "Storage Controllers": A4BMRT12 IDE Contoller AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller AMD RAID Console Microsoft iSCSI Initiator. If i Boot of the original xp-cd i still get the bluescreen, but earlier i think. I'll try again, and post back soon!
  4. No answers to my previous post? I have already done these things you asked. Unfortunately.
  5. Please give me some more informations:1. Which textmode driver did you integrate into the XP CD? 2. Did you integrate anything more? 3. Has your SATA hdd been detected by Windows Setup? 4. Does your laptop have a SATA connected optical drive? 1. I have tried several, in like 7-8 cd:s or so. The last one i tried contained all inside of the "STOR_all32_f6flpy32_8.7.0.1007_PV" package. Hp themselves told me first that I would need the ICH9M SATA driver. Which I tried. Then i contaced them again, got another supportperson who said I should use the ICH7M. So I tried that too. Then i tried your ICH9, without the letter after. Still no go. Since the HP-support doesn't really seem to be trustworthy (it's like talking to a robot when chatting with them), I wonder if there is a way to find out myself what kind of driver I should use for my computer? 2. At first I integrated the Intel INF files drivers but i stopped doing that after 2-3 cd:s since i thought they were maybe the thing getting me the BSOD. Tried it again in like.. CD 6 but still no go. Usually only integrated one driver. 3. If you mean if it is availible in the Device Manager, then yes. If you mean that it does ever detect it when I start with the bootcd, it never gets that far, cause the BSOD comes before that. If I haven't answered your question please specify and I will try to answer again. 4. Concering that, I really don't know, and I don't know how to find out either. Would it eventually fix it if I had an USB-drive? (which I don't have, just wondering) Thanks for your continued support
  6. Thanks for welcoming me! 1. I ran memtest, no errors there. 2. I have 3gb of ram, but removed one memorystick with 2gb of ram on it. But i still get the BSOD when the windows-xp bootdisk says "starting up windows".. Do you have any more ideas of what could be wrong?
  7. Hello! I SO hope this thread is still active, but it seems that way since the last update was 5 days ago! I have tried every possible way to install XP using this guide, and been in contact with HP-support to get to know all info i need and so on. When i try my windows-xp cd:s (there are different ones now.. since i have tried many SATA-drivers to be sure) everything is fine until the bootcd says "starting up windows" which results in a BSOD with the errormessage 0x0000007B. This message led me here in the first place. I would appreciate any help on this matter, since I am soon actually considering using the pre-installed Vista (which describes how desperate I am right now). My notebook is a HP Pavilion dv5-1115eo. Thanks in advance!

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