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  1. Gradius, thanks for the guide! I was able to reanimate my drive!Everything worked perfect!
  2. @ Spoox, i can recommend the "O&O DiskRecovery" Software. They offer a trial version, so you can check if your partitions have a chance to be restored, before you go and buy the program. Which by the way is worth every penny. It helped me to recover a lot of HDDs in the last years.
  3. So one more question, since i'm running Vista i don't have Hyperterminal, can I use any other Terminalsoftware? I have Putty will it work?
  4. Hey, for all the guys, like me, who have only com-ports as extension cards would this rs232-ttl converter work? http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-to-RS232-Module-Ba...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  5. Thats giid news... But does anyone else have problems loging in on to the seagate support page?Everytime I try to create a new name, or log in with my old one, I get a message that my username/password combo may be incorrect, or my accesstime may be limited, or my region may be restricted...
  6. Hello, i'm new here...brought to you via Google-Search... Well after many years of using only Seagate Drives, and only one failure...(and that drive went down after being 8 years in constant use...) my ST3500320AS, bought August 2008, went down 10 Jan 09...with the wellknown symptoms...PC works fine, I reboot, the drive is no longer recognised by the BIOS... I made a funny discovery though...I have a second ST3500320AS, which has the SD25 firmware...so I switched the PCBs, and the dead drive was recognised in the BIOS as ST3500320AS with SD25 firmware, i was happy, thought myself very lucky...but Windows,and any other OS btw, said "NO!!!"... and told me the drive has 0GB capacity... Now I am constantly observing the NET for solutions, because I wont give up my data on this Drive... Here are the specs for your list: 9QM5HVYL:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09077:KRATSG:Aug08:10Jan09:D3m3nt0r:Germany