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  1. dskbrk: its an original nokia cable,so i've installed the driver that came with the phone, still comes up with "usd device not recoginised" what else could i be doing wrong?
  2. Hello. I've tried connecting my seagate through a Nokia CA-53, and it keeps coming up as an unknown device under usb controlers tab in device manager. How can i "trick" it into being a com port, if that makes sence
  3. Has anyone noticed that the lower capacity 7200.11s does not seem to be affected by this problem? Or at least not listed in our listing in the other thread.ST3500320AS = 7200.11 500GB ST31000340AS = 7200.11 1TB ST3750630AS = 7200.11 750GB I have a 750gb brick itself in November (SD15 Thailand)

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