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  1. Of course, if any of the hdds die I'll post here for sure! Ah, we'll see who the winner among the 3 contestants is.. I also think the oldest one will be the last to die, altho it's filled with errors (reallocated sectors and so on), **** Seagate crap..
  2. You're welcome! Well, I'm running two of the 1TB drives for less important data and the three others in another box which I am currently booting as many times as I can.. trying to get the problem but no "luck" so far. It should also be noted that I still got the jumper on + running them on a cheap controller card (SiL3114).
  3. Yeah, backups are important imo. The failure rate on these hdds.. wow.. I've replaced all of mine with WD Blacks for now so I feel a bit more secure about my data. I hope Seagate will fix this problem cause I'd still like to continue to use my Seagates.
  4. Heya! Wow, lots of failures.. here are some info regarding my hdds: 9QJ1***5:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:08526:KRATSG:August2008:OEM:me0w:SWEDEN:still running 9QJ1***G:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:08526:KRATSG:August2008:OEM:me0w:SWEDEN:still running 5QJ0***T:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:08524:WUXISG:August2008:OEM:me0w:SWEDEN:still running 9QM4***L:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08525:KRATSG:August2008:OEM:me0w:SWEDEN:still running 9QM1***F:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:08345:KRATSG:Mars2008:OEM:me0w:SWEDEN:still running They're still running fine.. I guess it's just a matter of time until they die..