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  1. Nevermind, it looks like they added the slim build and U3 build about an hour later. I guess I jumped the gun, sorry! Thread can be locked/deleted.
  2. Greetings, It looks like Piriform did away with the slim build, leaving the default installer with Chrome. They are still supporting the /S switch, but it installs Google Chrome and makes it the default browser. Any way to silent install this version without installing Google's browser? Thanks
  3. Greetings, It looks like all of the old command line switches for AVG Free 8.5 are still working; however, 9.0 now does an "Optimized Scan" automatically after a silent installation. If installing AVG Free 9.0 by hand (non-silent) you get an option to bypass this scan. I'm not sure who or how someone found the previous command line switches, but I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to bypass this optimized scan that starts automatically after a silent installation. Thank you in advance. Chris
  4. It seems that the silent install command switch "\q" or "\qn" is no longer working for 2009. I've tried different variations including /s, /S, /Q, /silent, /quiet, etc... of which none seem to work. Any ideas what the new switches are? Thanks, Chris

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