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  1. Any luck? I am having the same problem! My 1TB Seagate died last summer after 2 months of use; BIOS recognized as 0 GB, "fixed" a few days ago using RS232-TTL commands outlined here. XP now lists the drive (but not the volume name), but system runs slow and if I try to click on the recovered drive, explorer locks up. I've been using FileRescue Professional (overkill, lesser version would work as well), and I have successfully recovered some data, BUT -- the slightest hiccup such as a bad sector will render the drive completely unreadable by data recovery programs, etc until I reboot. Rebooting with this drive attached takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Is there any program that will skip the bad sectors or something without disabling the drive?? OR Is it possible to reset the drive without rebooting? Maybe a software method or perhaps disconnecting and reconnecting the sata power cable? PLEASE HELP!
  2. You can add mine to the list. I still haven't bothered reporting mine to Seagate because I'm sure they will take my drive before giving me a new one, and I really really want my data back!! Arghhh... 51:5QJ0****:ST31000340AS:9BX158-302:SD04:08185:WUXISG:(06-04-08):(21-06-08):RETAIL:hallwal:USA (0GB reported)

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